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>5 Still Sedu!
Posted by Anna James from Gardnerville, CA on Thu, Jan 7th, 2010
I had to bought a new Sedu due to my remissness of stepping on my previous Sedu Revolution hair straightener. It’s really a pity to lose such a great & expensive hair straightener.

I searched Sedu brand and find this Sedu Pro seems much more famous than the Sedu Revolution, some celebrities use this straightener and so many customers have good comment on it, finally I decided to give it a try.
The results are awesome!It not only leave my hair sleek and shiny the    same as my previous Sedu Revolution straightener but also    gives possibility to style    hair in different ways, such as    straightening, curling, and flipping.

To those who feel uncertain about which hair straightener to purchase, I recommend this Sedu Pro    to you, and this Sedu hair straightener will keep you away from    hair damage, and give you shiny result instead.
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>5 I am in love!!
Posted by Mavis on Fri, Aug 5th, 2011
I bought this sedu flat iron because my friend raved so much about it and said I must buy one. She was right! I never succeeded in keeping my long, thick, wavy hair straight for more than 1 day, no matter what straightner or product I used. but this flat iron makes it! I just blow dry my hair and run this iron through my hair and done! The iron slides smoothly over my hair and brings out perfect straight hair in 10 minutes, but the result lasts 3 days even in humid/rainy weather! I don't need to re-straighten it the next day anymore! I just looove it and would recommend it to anyone. You will not be disappointed with this flat iron!
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>4 I love the warranty!
Posted by May from Miami on Mon, Oct 25th, 2010
My son dropped my Sedu hair straightener which i bought 3 weeks ago, actually i dont know how he exactly broke it, it just stopped heating anymore. i sent it back and they sent back a new one, that's very cool, I love the warranty!
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>5 Best straightener ever!
Posted by Kora from LA on Mon, Nov 1st, 2010
I don't have much to say but just love it! It is definitely the best straightener I ever bought. The best thing about it is it never pull or burns my hair. I use it almost every two days for 3 years, and I don't see any damage to my hair. Really great!
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>5 Bingo
Posted by John from NJ on Tue, Dec 21st, 2010
This thing will be a nice christmas gift for my daughter!!
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>5 Happy with it
Posted by Rita on Wed, Dec 29th, 2010
I used sedu for about 2 years , it works great on my curly long hair. Love my straight hair ,love sedu.
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>5 Satisfied with My Sedu Hair Straightener
Posted by Catherine Carter from New Jersey on Tue, Dec 15th, 2009
I got so excited when I received my Sedu straightener and couldnt wait to try it on my hair, this straightener made it unbelievably straight. I washed the hair before straightening, when the hair is 80% blow-dried I started straightening with my Sedu. The result was quite different from the anytime before(i had tried a few times with my friends' hair straighteners), my hair was straight as the salon result, it's silky, and it stayed till the next day. I'm really satisfied with the result & will recommend it to my friends.
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>4 Much better than Conair
Posted by Daisy Terry from Aurora, Colorado on Wed, Dec 23rd, 2009
Ummmm, I should have purchased this Sedu earlier, it performs much better than my last Conair, and I swear I will never buy Conair straightener, ever... it burns hair and SUCKS.
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>5 Amazing!!
Posted by Kath from Atlanta on Tue, Jan 5th, 2010
I got this hair straightener last month and I gave my old Sedu Revolution straightener to my daughter. This one is as good as the Revolution, it gives very amazing result, but what makes it worth the money is its lower price and the gift pouch. I love the sleek result it creates, that's really amazing. If you are gonna buy a Sedu hair straightener, this one is better than the Sedu Revolution straightener, I promise.
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>3 Professional Sedu Hair Straightener, Worth the money or Not?
Posted by Rach from Mesa, Arizona on Mon, Jan 25th, 2010
I have been asking myself whether this so called professional hair straightener is worth my paid or not. This famous Sedu hair straightener costs 3 times of my last Conair hair straightener, and of course it made better straightening in the past 2 weeks. The hair got smoother, but same straight as what Conair did before. So I do not think it's very worth the money in price, but maybe it's worth for its durability(my Conair died after 4 months), I just keep looking.
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