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>5 Satisfied with My Sedu Hair Straightener
Posted by Catherine Carter from New Jersey on Tue, Dec 15th, 2009
I got so excited when I received my Sedu straightener and couldnt wait to try it on my hair, this straightener made it unbelievably straight. I washed the hair before straightening, when the hair is 80% blow-dried I started straightening with my Sedu. The result was quite different from the anytime before(i had tried a few times with my friends' hair straighteners), my hair was straight as the salon result, it's silky, and it stayed till the next day. I'm really satisfied with the result & will recommend it to my friends.
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>5 Amazing!!
Posted by Kath from Atlanta on Tue, Jan 5th, 2010
I got this hair straightener last month and I gave my old Sedu Revolution straightener to my daughter. This one is as good as the Revolution, it gives very amazing result, but what makes it worth the money is its lower price and the gift pouch. I love the sleek result it creates, that's really amazing. If you are gonna buy a Sedu hair straightener, this one is better than the Sedu Revolution straightener, I promise.
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>5 Still Sedu!
Posted by Anna James from Gardnerville, CA on Thu, Jan 7th, 2010
I had to bought a new Sedu due to my remissness of stepping on my previous Sedu Revolution hair straightener. It’s really a pity to lose such a great & expensive hair straightener.

I searched Sedu brand and find this Sedu Pro seems much more famous than the Sedu Revolution, some celebrities use this straightener and so many customers have good comment on it, finally I decided to give it a try.
The results are awesome!It not only leave my hair sleek and shiny the    same as my previous Sedu Revolution straightener but also    gives possibility to style    hair in different ways, such as    straightening, curling, and flipping.

To those who feel uncertain about which hair straightener to purchase, I recommend this Sedu Pro    to you, and this Sedu hair straightener will keep you away from    hair damage, and give you shiny result instead.
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>5 Great!
Posted by Vanessa from Marshall, Texas on Wed, Feb 24th, 2010
My Sedu hair straightener is great, easy to get shiny result with it within 10 minutes. it.
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Posted by Emily James from Boston on Mon, Mar 8th, 2010
I can't tell how amazing it is, but you'd better try it by yourself, I'm sure you'll like it,100%!!
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>5 Amazed by the result!
Posted by Jesy T from Seatle on Tue, Apr 27th, 2010
I was totally amazed by the result that my new hair straightener gave yesterday, it's very silky and all frizz gone, incredible!!! I love it, definitely!
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>5 The Best hair straightener in the world!
Posted by Deborah from Catskill, NY on Sun, Jun 27th, 2010
This straightener must be the best one in the world, it makes amazing result on my curly fine hair. plus, I suggest Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum as well, it makes your straight hair perfect!
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>5 Excellent performance
Posted by Shirly from Utah on Tue, Jul 6th, 2010
I bought this product for my stepdaughter. She loved it so much. The plates are so smooth and flawless (no snags).It can go through hair smoothly. My daughter liked to use it to curl her hair. And it looked healthy, bouncy, and shiny. It
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>5 Sedu is the best!
Posted by Kristina L from Salt Lake City, Utah on Sat, Jul 24th, 2010
My Sedu flat iron is absolutely the best one in the world, I won't buy other brand's product anymore, Sedu is the best, the silky result it makes is the best!
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Posted by SUSAN from TEXAS on Sun, Aug 22nd, 2010
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