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>3 $270!
Posted by Kimberry Scott from Philadelphia on Tue, May 18th, 2010
$270, unbelivablely high, is it really worth that much?
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>5 Happy!
Posted by K. Sherry from AZ on Fri, May 7th, 2010
I haven't made as perfect result as the video shows, but it's good enough to me, and I like it stays the whole day.
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>5 Nice experience with this Sedu flat iron!
Posted by sarah from New York on Thu, Mar 18th, 2010
I have curly, coarse and some like frizzy long hair, and I'd used 2 CHI flat irons before I purchased this Sedu flat iron last year.
The 2 CHI flat irons were OK, they both worked more than 3 years before they died, but I found they sometimes (not too often) pulled my hair when I was straightening my hair, it hurt. But this Sedu flat iron solves the problem by the smooth plates, it offers friendly straightening.
Plus, the result stays long till the next wash, it's really great. It's really nice to have silky sheeny hair all the day.
I like this sedu, it gives nice experience!
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Posted by Kimberly on Mon, Feb 22nd, 2010
Its absoulutly amazing, flexable plates so i can curl with it... im so happy with it, my hair gets so silky smooth and lasts for days... So if your looking for a PROFESSSIONAL hair straightener buy this!
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>4 Sedu!!awesome!!!
Posted by SARA from Humboldt on Mon, Oct 12th, 2009
My straightener works great. It is my first straightener, and I like the way it straightens. The plates are smooth which allows gentle straightening without pulling the hair. This is a good product, I'm now experiencing a brand new life with my shiny & smooth hair, and I just say goodbye to the frizz. Thanks to this awesome Sedu hair straightener, it got all things done!
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>4 Sedu Revolution Hair Straightener
Posted by C-J from Chicago on Mon, Sep 7th, 2009
My husband is so thoughtful to buy me this Sedu revolution hair straightener as he saw how badly my hair was seared by the previous straightener.
I was more or less astonished when I knew its price. You know, my old straightener cost just $29, but now I understand why it is cheaper, the cheaper your hair straightener cost, the worse your hair will be damaged.
During the past month, this Sedu hair straightener works so awesome to create extremely shiny straight hair for me, and there's much less frizz on my hair than a month before. I love to use this hair straightener and will highly recommend it.
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>4 Sedu Tourmaline Styling Iron
Posted by Villa Danile from Chicago on Sat, Aug 22nd, 2009
Sedu tourmaline hair straightener is the ideal choice for sheeny straight hair. It's easy for a jackeroo to use by the guidance of the DVD attached to this hair straightener, it's of great help.
But I'm here to warn that DO NOT use hair straightener every day, or else your hair will get worse.
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>5 Xcellent!
Posted by Vanessa H from AL on Tue, Jul 28th, 2009
I got my Sedu straightener last week. As a jackeroo, I followed the DVD to straighten my hair at the first time. But pleasingly I succeeded, my hair was very straight and I got Jennifer A's straight hairstyle, it looked really nice. I will try other styles with it, this straightener is absolutely awesome, and I will recommend it to my friends.
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>3 Good for straightenin, but...
Posted by E.H. from Los Angeles on Sun, Jul 19th, 2009
This is my first hair straightener in my life and it's good. It does a good job when straightening my hair, the hair is super straight and it stays. but the result is not as shiny as the people said, I dont know whether i am kinda skillless to create shiny result with it. If it was my problem, then this straightener is well worth my money; if not, then it costs alittle much.
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>4 I love Sedu hair straightener
Posted by Ailsa from Decatur AL on Thu, Jun 11th, 2009
I have used this Sedu hair straightener for two years without any problem hitherto.
I'm happy with it, and I think it really has a good price for such a long time use. I would like to get curls and flips with my Sedu, but it was kinda difficult for me to get used to it. Anyway, I got the nice curls and waves which I hoped to have and I keep having it nowadays; but sometimes I use it to get straight hair for the change of hairstyle, and it looks also great. I love my Sedu straightener and like to recommend it to anyone who wants to get curls, waves or straight hair.
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