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>5 Awesome straightener
Posted by Gwendolyn H from Great Falls MT on Thu, Dec 11th, 2008
I have this for two weeks, it did everything i want on my hair, never burnt, soft, smooth, and luster, there is nothing dissatisfy me, why did I find this straightener so late? then my hair wouldnt have been burnt so bad by my last damn hair straightener..    I'm pleased to recommend this one to those who want the result on their hair like I have.
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>3 Kindda expensive for me..
Posted by Carry Brown from Chandler AZ on Wed, Dec 10th, 2008
It seems it could work perfectly, but as a Christmas present for my daughter, it's kindda expensive. one of my friends owns this Sedu straightener, and it's recommended, but I still wanna buy a cheaper one, for my daughter, of course, and keep my cheaper CHI working, though I like this Sedu, 2.
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>4 Nice experience with this Sedu Straightener
Posted by Lillian Johnson from Londonderry NH on Sun, Dec 7th, 2008
I use this sedu straightener every day, and my hair had never been so healthy and straight till the day i bought it. I do like it, and I usually used it it the morning when i finished the hair-drying after shampoo, and I was very satisfied with the shiny and smooth result it gave, that's really good to my long hair. hair-straightening is the one thing necessary in my everyday life, I would recommend this one to anybody wo wants beautiful hair like mine. ^-^
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>4 Recommend this Sedu straightener
Posted by Ella Gray from Hamptonville NC on Thu, Dec 4th, 2008
My friends are talking hot toward Sedu straightener out there, and I'am glad I'd bought one since my hair were getting frizzier. it doesnt mean that you must get your hair straight when frizzy, but this Sedu straightener does heal your frizzy hair, and also have a very sleek touch on it. I recommend this Sedu straightener, and thanks for its great favor on my frizzy hair.
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>4 I get difference with Sedu hair straightener
Posted by Angelina Garcia from Taos NM on Wed, Dec 3rd, 2008
My hair is much shinier than ever before after use this sedu hair straightener    for a month, and it's absolutely beyond my expectation before buying this hair straightener. Anyway, I get the beautiful straight hair now, and I really love it, it works on me.
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>4 The one which hasnt fried my hair
Posted by Ariana Roy from Reedley CA on Thu, Nov 27th, 2008
I ordered this hair straightener a month ago, prying it wouldn't fry my hair like other straighteners did, cuz I was bad-luck enough to have my lovely long hair be hurt twice. That's awful experience. But this Sedu seems the one which changes everything to be good, and I was doing the right thing of purchasing this hair straightener, it exceeded my expectations. It hasn't fried my hair any longer, and I think that's the very difference between $20+ and $100+, I really love it, it's worth my paid.
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>4 Review on Sedu Revolution Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener
Posted by Elle Snow from Inkster MI on Mon, Nov 24th, 2008
This sedu is not-bad straightener, but I don't think it performs as fabulous as my original sedu. My neighbor had bought this sedu straightener, and I had tried it once, nothing special with my original sedu, but mine could heat up alittle fast than this one. Anyway, they both have capability to create very straight hair, and very sleek, too. Maybe that is the point why sedu becomes girls' favorite.
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>5 Review on Sedu Revolution Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener
Posted by Olivia James from Artesia on Thu, Nov 20th, 2008
I've been using my $40 CHI flat iron for a few years, till it gave out last month. As I used the Sedu couple days ago, I was surprised that there is still much better flat iron out there could work miracle on my hair, my hair could be much shinier, it's unbelievable thing, I mean my CHI was also very good, but this Sedu really gave a different result and I love it! Highly recommend this Sedu.
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Posted by Taylor I from Alvin Texas on Tue, Nov 18th, 2008
AMAZING!!!It could heat up in a short time, but what I love most is that my hair could be straightened into super straight and last all day long, that's really great! highly recommend it!!
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>4 I love it
Posted by Levina D from Garland KS on Mon, Nov 17th, 2008
This is my first hair straightener,    I used to have curly style,    and didn't find anything bad with it, my curly hair was in a good condition as I usually take medical treatment for it. I just wanna change hair style sometimes, like from curly to not-so-curly, curly to straight (I thought that would usually provide different nice mood, and it really worked), so I bought myself a straightener. I was unaccustomed in using the straightener at the first time, quite worried about the heat plates would hurt my skin. But    a few times later, I found it's easier and easier to manage, and I could create a good look on my hair, it did inspire me, and now, I have mastered the straightening skill, if I wanna have a super straight hair, I should straighten every single section more than 3 times or more; if not-so-curly hair, 2 times every section is enough. So I could change my hairstyle regularly, that all thanks to this sedu hair straightener, I love it!!
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