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>4 140 Bucks, Worth!
Posted by Natalie House from Lake Tahoe on Fri, Nov 14th, 2008
This Sedu is not the most expensive straightener, but much better than other more expensive straighteners on the current market, my friend's "TOP" hair straightener worked only 2 months, she's very very angry on paying 1.5 times of my Sedu's price for her damn straightener. She just didn't buy the right one. My sedu has never burnt my hair, but giving very silky result instead. Thank Godness, it's worth my 140 bucks.
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>4 get change on hairstyle
Posted by Makayla T from Bedford NY on Wed, Nov 12th, 2008
Being in curly hair style for 30 years, I would like to make a change on my hair, though I like having curly hair, I was tired of the same style for such a long time. So, I wanna have my hair straightened, and get a brand new hair style. I had seen my friend using her hair straightener to straighten her hair, and she got what she wants. So I order this Sedu exactly the same as her. My first use of my Sedu straightener seemed as a successful try, my curly hair was straightened into super straight style, what's more, it's very smoother than before, it's easy to managed, I think I can do more miracle with this straightener as time passing, considering I just have it for less than half month, I'm looking forward, I love it.
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>4 Good, on the whole!
Posted by 336 on Thu, Nov 6th, 2008
I got my Sedu 3 months ago, and I love it so much! I had used Chi before, but only had it over a year, it couldn't get heat any longer, seemed as if short out, I swear not to buy any chi iron, I just didn't want to buy the iron of such short life. reading the reviews I decided to buy this Sedu, I just thought it would work well on my naturally curly hair, coz they are not beautiful curls. My Sedu straightens my hair with a perfect finish. Its temperature controller makes me easily adjust the temperature avoiding over-burnt. It melts through the hair gently, and finally give a shiny look and silky touch! My hair is not so easy to straighten, coz it is very thick and coarse. So I show no expectation to a cheap hair straightener to make my hair sleek, but my Sedu. It did a perfect job, every time i use it to straighten my hair, my friends just thought I had gotten a perm, that's the miracle Sedu had done. Yes, it's great!
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>5 Love Sedu
Posted by Abigail from Anaheim on Tue, Oct 14th, 2008
I have curly long hair, and I have a Sedu hairdryer, but I still want an appliance to straighten my hair and make it even straighter, so I bought Sedu product again, this hair straightener really works! it flash heat up in seconds, and the ceramic plates is said to be of no damage on my hair, so it really is. the other reason i like it is the result, my straight hair could last throughout the day, really a good product in straightening.
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>3 Straight hair last not long enough for me
Posted by Candy from TX on Sun, Oct 5th, 2008
I wanna say it does make my hair straight, this point seems very important to everyone, that's no doubt. But I care how long the straight hair will last for, this is really important to me because most straighteners can straighten the hair easily but not many could make it last for a little long time, unfortunately, Sedu is not in the list. So many reviews said that Sedu would be without a doubt the product that was worth every penny, therefore I bought one, then I felt kindda sad coz it wasn't within my expectation, it just make it last not long enough, I meant 1 day a least. But undoubtedly it has very light weight, and it does a good job in leaving the luster to the hair after straightening, it just didn't meet my request, may be it will meet others'…
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>4 Love this flat iron
Posted by Samantha from Melvin on Mon, Sep 15th, 2008
It has been 3 months since i bought this flat iron. I really like it, it is of high quality, and won't burn my hair, not like the one I owned before this iron. So I think it's a good luck for me to find it, Sedu, em, I had never heard about this brand before, but~~``it's good.
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>4 Well-straightening
Posted by Dovry from Bismarck on Thu, Aug 21st, 2008
Well-straightening on my curly hair, and won't burnt the hair, it's good enough, I think
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>4 good straightener
Posted by Salvis from Boston on Tue, Aug 19th, 2008
I have used 3 straightener before, unfortunately, they burnt my hair so bad, but this Sedu works well, my hair won't be damaged any more. it's my lucky thing..
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