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>5 Thick and coarse hair saver
Posted by Joanna on Thu, Apr 28th, 2011
I love love this sedu revolution! It saves me. my hair is so thick and coarse, natural curly, I ever thought I would never had good hair day after trying numerous hair straighteners, cheap or expensive. I don't expect much for this sedu but it really makes a difference! First, unlike many other straighteners, I don't need to use a lot of effort to keep the plates close together (they can’t straighten well if I don't do that). Not so with this sedu, it's effortless and the plates captures all my hair firmly within. Second, it takes only one go to get the strand of hair pin straight! I can't believe it but it's true, even for my thick, coarse hair! So it's much faster to get all my hair straightened. The result? Super straight and photo-ready smooth, and stays steadily even when it rains. I have been receiving tons of compliments on my new straight hair look. How wonderful. My friends borrowed it from me for a try and all love it. Only one girl said it couldn't straighten the ends quite well, possibly because she has thin, fine hair. I strongly recommend it to girls with thick, coarse hair like me, it will save you!
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>5 Awesome straightener
Posted by Gwendolyn H from Great Falls MT on Thu, Dec 11th, 2008
I have this for two weeks, it did everything i want on my hair, never burnt, soft, smooth, and luster, there is nothing dissatisfy me, why did I find this straightener so late? then my hair wouldnt have been burnt so bad by my last damn hair straightener..    I'm pleased to recommend this one to those who want the result on their hair like I have.
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>4 Straight hair looks nice
Posted by Annie Payton on Sun, Mar 8th, 2009
As I purchased this straightener last month, I had fallen in love with straight hair. i love to have my hair straightened everyday before i leave for work. and my colleagues said my hair looked very nice. all thanks to this hair straightener, it makes my life different!
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>4 140 Bucks, Worth!
Posted by Natalie House from Lake Tahoe on Fri, Nov 14th, 2008
This Sedu is not the most expensive straightener, but much better than other more expensive straighteners on the current market, my friend's "TOP" hair straightener worked only 2 months, she's very very angry on paying 1.5 times of my Sedu's price for her damn straightener. She just didn't buy the right one. My sedu has never burnt my hair, but giving very silky result instead. Thank Godness, it's worth my 140 bucks.
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Posted by Taylor I from Alvin Texas on Tue, Nov 18th, 2008
AMAZING!!!It could heat up in a short time, but what I love most is that my hair could be straightened into super straight and last all day long, that's really great! highly recommend it!!
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>4 Nice experience with this Sedu Straightener
Posted by Lillian Johnson from Londonderry NH on Sun, Dec 7th, 2008
I use this sedu straightener every day, and my hair had never been so healthy and straight till the day i bought it. I do like it, and I usually used it it the morning when i finished the hair-drying after shampoo, and I was very satisfied with the shiny and smooth result it gave, that's really good to my long hair. hair-straightening is the one thing necessary in my everyday life, I would recommend this one to anybody wo wants beautiful hair like mine. ^-^
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>5 Great SEDU
Posted by Jade Sanders from District Heights MD on Thu, Dec 18th, 2008
The biggest difference between this SEDU and other straighteners is that this sedu would never burn my hair, but I have no idea about the true reason why it just wouldnt burn my hair. whatever... it does, that's enough~~
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>4 Worth my paid
Posted by Mia from Crane on Mon, Mar 2nd, 2009
I had been using FHI flat iron that I paid about $100+ for untill I spoiled it two months ago. then I decided to get this Sedu flat iron after reading the reviews. Needless to say how straight my hair would be, but this flat iron also leaves my hair shiny and silky, it really is a big plus. Definitely, it's worth the money!
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>3 Good for straightenin, but...
Posted by E.H. from Los Angeles on Sun, Jul 19th, 2009
This is my first hair straightener in my life and it's good. It does a good job when straightening my hair, the hair is super straight and it stays. but the result is not as shiny as the people said, I dont know whether i am kinda skillless to create shiny result with it. If it was my problem, then this straightener is well worth my money; if not, then it costs alittle much.
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>4 Sedu Revolution Hair Straightener
Posted by C-J from Chicago on Mon, Sep 7th, 2009
My husband is so thoughtful to buy me this Sedu revolution hair straightener as he saw how badly my hair was seared by the previous straightener.
I was more or less astonished when I knew its price. You know, my old straightener cost just $29, but now I understand why it is cheaper, the cheaper your hair straightener cost, the worse your hair will be damaged.
During the past month, this Sedu hair straightener works so awesome to create extremely shiny straight hair for me, and there's much less frizz on my hair than a month before. I love to use this hair straightener and will highly recommend it.
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