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>4 Review on Sedu Revolution Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener
Posted by Elle Snow from Inkster MI on Mon, Nov 24th, 2008
This sedu is not-bad straightener, but I don't think it performs as fabulous as my original sedu. My neighbor had bought this sedu straightener, and I had tried it once, nothing special with my original sedu, but mine could heat up alittle fast than this one. Anyway, they both have capability to create very straight hair, and very sleek, too. Maybe that is the point why sedu becomes girls' favorite.
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>4 The one which hasnt fried my hair
Posted by Ariana Roy from Reedley CA on Thu, Nov 27th, 2008
I ordered this hair straightener a month ago, prying it wouldn't fry my hair like other straighteners did, cuz I was bad-luck enough to have my lovely long hair be hurt twice. That's awful experience. But this Sedu seems the one which changes everything to be good, and I was doing the right thing of purchasing this hair straightener, it exceeded my expectations. It hasn't fried my hair any longer, and I think that's the very difference between $20+ and $100+, I really love it, it's worth my paid.
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>4 I get difference with Sedu hair straightener
Posted by Angelina Garcia from Taos NM on Wed, Dec 3rd, 2008
My hair is much shinier than ever before after use this sedu hair straightener    for a month, and it's absolutely beyond my expectation before buying this hair straightener. Anyway, I get the beautiful straight hair now, and I really love it, it works on me.
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>4 Recommend this Sedu straightener
Posted by Ella Gray from Hamptonville NC on Thu, Dec 4th, 2008
My friends are talking hot toward Sedu straightener out there, and I'am glad I'd bought one since my hair were getting frizzier. it doesnt mean that you must get your hair straight when frizzy, but this Sedu straightener does heal your frizzy hair, and also have a very sleek touch on it. I recommend this Sedu straightener, and thanks for its great favor on my frizzy hair.
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>3 Kindda expensive for me..
Posted by Carry Brown from Chandler AZ on Wed, Dec 10th, 2008
It seems it could work perfectly, but as a Christmas present for my daughter, it's kindda expensive. one of my friends owns this Sedu straightener, and it's recommended, but I still wanna buy a cheaper one, for my daughter, of course, and keep my cheaper CHI working, though I like this Sedu, 2.
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>4 Easy to use
Posted by Gloria Martin from Fletcher NC on Tue, Dec 16th, 2008
The most impressed thing of this Sedu Nano straightener is that it makes things easy, with it working perfectly, I could get a very straight hair style in 10 minutes, with burning any piece of my hair, that's terrific thing! I have no doubt of my paid on it, that's worth.
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>4 It gives very shiny hair
Posted by Iry from IL on Mon, Feb 23rd, 2009
Ever since I bought this hair straightener, my hair is much shinier than ever before. I'm glad to tell every friend that this Sedu hair straightener not only makes my hair super straigt, but puts shine on your hair, That's very proud thing for me, I love it, I do!
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>4 Very Smooth
Posted by Rolice from Tennessee on Wed, Feb 25th, 2009
I got very smooth hair since I used this Nano ceramic hair straightener two weeks before. I have used it 4 times, I get straight hair regularly, and this straightener works very well, it's what I wanted to buy.
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>4 Adjustable working temperature
Posted by Vivian from Pennsylvania on Fri, Mar 6th, 2009
This Sedu hair straightener has worked for me for more than 16 months, and the reason why i chose it is that it has adjustable working temperature. I would like to use 180 centidegree to straighten my hair with this hair straightener, and this temperature would never sear my hair, coz i dont wanna have my hair seared again, it's really terrible.
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>4 I should learn
Posted by Deb from Atlanta on Sun, Mar 22nd, 2009
I think I should learn to straighten my hair, though my boyfriend bought me this advanced straightener, I wander know the straightening    skill well, coz i believe this straightener would make miracle.
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