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>5 Love Sedu
Posted by Abigail from Anaheim on Tue, Oct 14th, 2008
I have curly long hair, and I have a Sedu hairdryer, but I still want an appliance to straighten my hair and make it even straighter, so I bought Sedu product again, this hair straightener really works! it flash heat up in seconds, and the ceramic plates is said to be of no damage on my hair, so it really is. the other reason i like it is the result, my straight hair could last throughout the day, really a good product in straightening.
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Posted by Taylor I from Alvin Texas on Tue, Nov 18th, 2008
AMAZING!!!It could heat up in a short time, but what I love most is that my hair could be straightened into super straight and last all day long, that's really great! highly recommend it!!
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>5 Review on Sedu Revolution Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener
Posted by Olivia James from Artesia on Thu, Nov 20th, 2008
I've been using my $40 CHI flat iron for a few years, till it gave out last month. As I used the Sedu couple days ago, I was surprised that there is still much better flat iron out there could work miracle on my hair, my hair could be much shinier, it's unbelievable thing, I mean my CHI was also very good, but this Sedu really gave a different result and I love it! Highly recommend this Sedu.
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>5 Awesome straightener
Posted by Gwendolyn H from Great Falls MT on Thu, Dec 11th, 2008
I have this for two weeks, it did everything i want on my hair, never burnt, soft, smooth, and luster, there is nothing dissatisfy me, why did I find this straightener so late? then my hair wouldnt have been burnt so bad by my last damn hair straightener..    I'm pleased to recommend this one to those who want the result on their hair like I have.
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>5 Great SEDU
Posted by Jade Sanders from District Heights MD on Thu, Dec 18th, 2008
The biggest difference between this SEDU and other straighteners is that this sedu would never burn my hair, but I have no idea about the true reason why it just wouldnt burn my hair. whatever... it does, that's enough~~
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>5 Xcellent!
Posted by Vanessa H from AL on Tue, Jul 28th, 2009
I got my Sedu straightener last week. As a jackeroo, I followed the DVD to straighten my hair at the first time. But pleasingly I succeeded, my hair was very straight and I got Jennifer A's straight hairstyle, it looked really nice. I will try other styles with it, this straightener is absolutely awesome, and I will recommend it to my friends.
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Posted by Kimberly on Mon, Feb 22nd, 2010
Its absoulutly amazing, flexable plates so i can curl with it... im so happy with it, my hair gets so silky smooth and lasts for days... So if your looking for a PROFESSSIONAL hair straightener buy this!
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>5 Nice experience with this Sedu flat iron!
Posted by sarah from New York on Thu, Mar 18th, 2010
I have curly, coarse and some like frizzy long hair, and I'd used 2 CHI flat irons before I purchased this Sedu flat iron last year.
The 2 CHI flat irons were OK, they both worked more than 3 years before they died, but I found they sometimes (not too often) pulled my hair when I was straightening my hair, it hurt. But this Sedu flat iron solves the problem by the smooth plates, it offers friendly straightening.
Plus, the result stays long till the next wash, it's really great. It's really nice to have silky sheeny hair all the day.
I like this sedu, it gives nice experience!
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>5 Happy!
Posted by K. Sherry from AZ on Fri, May 7th, 2010
I haven't made as perfect result as the video shows, but it's good enough to me, and I like it stays the whole day.
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>5 I love it
Posted by Vivian from New Jersey on Wed, Jul 7th, 2010
I've tried many flatirons. But this is the best thing that ever happened to my hair! It heats up quickly, glides smoothly through my hair. It takes me about 10 minutes to get sleek, shiny, soft hair! It's so fabulous. I can't help to recommending it to my friends. I love this flatiron! It also makes beautiful curls! Extremely recommend it!
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