Posted by KC. W from jazzcity on Thu, Jul 9th, 2009
I love my turbo curling iron, cuz it creates so beautiful wavy hair for me. And it's flexible in wroking temperature, I like to use 300F heat to curl my hair, cuz I think it's safe temperature to prevent hot damage, and of course I am right ^-^, it has never damage my hair. I advise people to buy the curling iron with variable heat control.
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>5 Terrific!
Posted by HM Lee from LA on Sun, Oct 17th, 2010
This chi turbo curling iron is terrific, it works so great for over 2 years and always makes beautiful curls, good investment with it!
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>4 GOOD!
Posted by Rainie from San Diego on Thu, Mar 11th, 2010
It is a good curling tool, thank God, I get the right one finally. no more seared hair from now on!!
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>3 Can this be the one I want?
Posted by Kathy J from Houston on Tue, Dec 8th, 2009
I am tired of buying curling iron again and again, my last 4 curling were all garbage that burnt my hair terribly. I decide to take the last try and buy one again, for the sake of my fond of wavy hair. i just look at this kinda expensive curling iron, and hope someone could tell me the truth whether this curling iron is the one i want or not.
~~the advice will be appreciated.
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