>5 I Got the Best Curling Iron
Posted by C.R. from Arizona on Wed, Nov 18th, 2009
After used 3 cheap curling iron and got my hair burnt twice, I finally got the best curling iron, thank God! This tourmaline curling iron is so awesome that it not only gives very beautiful curls, but also protect hair from heat damage, that's the point I care about. In all, it's the best I've used.
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>5 Good, Overall!
Posted by Tylor from Holliston MA on Sun, Mar 14th, 2010
This curling iron is very good!!!! I've got really ugly frizzy hair, and once i went to hair salon and asked my stylist to temporarily curl it, wow, i liked the result, perfect marcel with shine, it was amazing. i've decided to say goodbye to the frizz after that and bought this curling iron for myself. it has done very good job, i advise any girl who has frizzy hair to buy this curling iron, you'll gonna be more than satisfied!
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>5 Great!
Posted by Kyle from Roanoke on Sat, Apr 17th, 2010
I love this Baby!! love the big curls it gives, quite charming and really attractive.
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>5 eugenia Blair
Posted by Eugenia Blair on Fri, Oct 28th, 2016
Curling iron
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>4 Review on BaByliss Pro TT Tourmaline 500 Marcel Curling Iron
Posted by Johnny U on Mon, Nov 3rd, 2008
I bought this curling iron last month, coz I thought it's easy to manipulate, and    would not able to burn my hair easily, luckily it works well on my hair, *-*
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>4 It gives nice big curls
Posted by Katie from Boston on Thu, Nov 26th, 2009
I gave it a try and bought this Babyliss curling iron after my friend taught me to curl my hair with her Babyliss, I was completely attracted by the result, it's of professional grade.
It's a little difficult to operate at initial a few times, and the result was not very good. But I had asked my friend who's experienced to teach me again, and gradually I got the way.    I find it's easy to get nice big curls when I master the skill of curling. You can't roll too long time at the certain part of hair in case of burning your hair, but you can roll it and stay 3 or 4 seconds a time and do it 3 times or more, then you will get as nice big curls as mine. In all, this Babyliss iron is very good, and I wanna thank my friend who recommended such a good curling iron to me.
plus, if it was alittle cheaper, i would give 5 stars, people like the high cost performance product. ^-^
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Posted by Angelina from Houston, Texas on Thu, Mar 4th, 2010
I have this pro TT curler for half year, it does a good job, I love the result it gives.
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>4 It curls well.
Posted by Angelina L from Dallas on Fri, May 14th, 2010
I was amazed by the big curls this baby made to me, it's really beautiful and attractive. now i usually curl my hair with it before i go to work, going well with this baby!
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>3 Marcel curling iron
Posted by Cindy from Roanoke on Sun, Apr 11th, 2010
This marcel curling iron does a good job, gives pretty curls, so happy that it's worth my money.
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