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>5 It issssss amazing!
Posted by Sarah from Seatle on Wed, Nov 25th, 2009
Before I got this Chi, I had used 2 cheap flat irons such as Amika and the last Conair flat iron. The first one, Amika flat iron broke after 5 month, seemed shortcircuit. I cant deny that Conair flat iron were outstanding to create super straight hair, but the result couldn't last all day, that's a letdown. My daughter usually uses that Conair after I got this new Chi for myself. Oh, I'm not as dorky as some users saying this Chi has changed my life, but I have to clarify that it isssss amazing. The straightened hair it creates can last on rainy day. I remember the rainy day on my cousin's wedding, I was busy as a receiver from day to night, but my straighted hair lasted, it's kinda unbelievable, but it happened. I love the straight hair, but it doesn't mean I hate curls, don't make me wrong, I love the curly hair which created by my Babyliss curling iron, I can change my hair style in no time, but as I reiterate I love the lasting result. They perfectly meet my requirement, I complete satisfied.
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>4 I really love my CHI flat iron!
Posted by ihatefrizz from Detroit on Tue, Nov 3rd, 2009
I had really bad flat iron before I purchased this CHI. I have got wavy hair which was hard to be straightened (with my old flat iron & used to take me 25 minutes or more to finish straightening), I had been tired of straightening with it, and I gave it to my younger sister. But the new CHI flat iron does much better job than my old one. It heats up in seconds and always finishes the job in 10 minutes. Not only is the hair shiny, but also lasts all day long, I absolutely love it.
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>4 CHI flat iron, the best flat iron!
Posted by Clair from Cleveland on Wed, Oct 28th, 2009
I had been using a $20 flat iron over the past 6 months, and I was coveting all along, and last week I finally decided to shell out the money for a CHI flat iron after my old cheapie flat iron stopped heating any more. I do think this CHI flat iron is the best flat iron ever made. My hair is hard to manage, and I used to blow dry my hair and then immediately flatten it in case of having nasty hair. But now I don't have to blow dry the hair immediately, I can flatten it after it's air dried, and the result is shiny & super straight, and still perfect. This is the best one I've ever used, and I'll highly recommend it.
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Posted by KTHERINE from LA on Sun, Oct 25th, 2009
Once I had tried a cheapie hair flat iron to straighten my natural curly hair, but I bit the bullet after that, my hair was burnt so bad. I finally decided to get this popular CHI flat iron which was also kinda pricy as a hair tool. But it's absolutely worth my money and I love it! My hair is about shoulder length, I blow it dry first every time before straightening, so it makes the hair easy to be straightened in about 10 minutes! Its fast finish doesn't affect the nice result, the straightened hair is very shiny and smooth, and looks really attractive. It's so good to have the straight hair I'm dreaming about. This is an awesome hair flat iron.
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>5 Love it xoxox
Posted by Letitia from from England[uk]..but live in... on Sun, Oct 18th, 2009
OK girls...first of all...i have owned 3 diffrent chi's..with the "original" being the best..i payed about $120 for mine about 2 years ago...i personaly think that the chi is deinatly one of the best iron's out there..or GHD is probibly a little bit better but then you are going to be paying over $200...i hear girls complaining about paying about $70$80 on a flat iron and i have to laugh at you all...i think that is a great price on somthing that is as wonderfull as the chi...if you wanna go and pay $20 for a crappy little flat iron your gonna get crappy $20 looking hair...chi beats the rest..put your money up for wont regret it..and the people who are having problems with it just dont know how to flat iron hair properly...practice makes perfect...keep trying and you will get good results in the end...if sombody gave it a bad result for performence talking about oh my hair fell out or it didnt work write then its not the iron with the problem its you and your hair lol....i get complements on my hair almost every day...the easyest way to do it is...

1) part your hair in whatever way you wear the part of your hair then part it all the way to the nape of your neck and put one half in a pony tail while leaving the other half loose so you can work with it.

2)take a section from the underneath and then put the rest of the hair in a clip or you can tie it up so it makes it alot easyer to work with the hair underneath.

3)brush the section of hair with a comb and put the flat iron as close as you can get it to the root and pull downwards not slow but not fast and repeat about 3 times...then comb it then go over it with the flat iron about 2 more times untill it creates your desired straightness(some hair might require more staightening or less depending on your hair type)

4)then take the top part of hair that you had clipped up and take another section out and repeat what you did again untill you work your way to the top ( i usualy get this done in 3 or 4 sections depending on my mood lol)

5) then repeat what you did on the other side of your hair and that should create even straightness through the whole head of hair...i have really really long hair and it usually takes me about 8-10 minutes to straighten it...if your starting out it will take you longer untill you get used to it and you can just go with the flow..anyway i really hope this helps sombody...good luck xoxox
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>5 Reviewed by Lisa from Buffalo, Sept. 20, 2009
Posted by Lisa from Buffalo on Sat, Sep 19th, 2009
Great flat iron, one of the best flat irons that i have ever used. It gives the hair a nice healthy sheen, and it also doesn't cause any breakage. I am african american with thick coarse textured hair, and this iron straighens my hair perfectly.
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>5 Love my CHI flat iron
Posted by Ciwa M from Oregon on Thu, Sep 17th, 2009
My CHI flat iron is the only one I trust to use on my hair. Different form the previous two cheap irons, my CHI does no damage to my hair but gives very sheeny result which makes the hair look healthy. Trust me, my friend, DO NOT buy cheap flat irons, or you'll pay the price! This CHI flat iron is a good product which I wanna sincerely recommend, it will get hair problems solved.
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>4 CHI original model, loooove it!!
Posted by Vilany from Illinois on Mon, Aug 24th, 2009
I have used it for 2 weeks, it works so great. I was about to buy a Solia Pink hair straightener which was recommended by my friend, but finally I chose this CHI original model, coz I saw so many friends use this model and I also envy their sheeny straight hair. I'm very sure I have picked the right tool for my hair, this CHI original model is exactly the good product that should be recommended.
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>4 Last for 2 years
Posted by Brianna J from GA on Mon, Jul 13th, 2009
That's a good news for me that my original CHI has worked for over 2 years, and it does make me pleased cuz it has never done harm to my hair. It obviously differs from my old flat iron which had badly seared my hair with very bad smell, and I had thrown that metallic iron away without hesitation. Listen, do not buy metallic irons, they hurt!! This CHI is a good one to purchase, and the Pink Solia is also very good, it's my friend Kathy's favorite, but I still love my ORIGINAL CHI FLAT IRON!
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>3 Not bad!
Posted by piggy from Los Angeles on Wed, Jun 24th, 2009
I love straight hair of course, and I have paid 80 bucks on this CHI ORIGINAL MODEL, but I just don't know how to straighten my hair to get the shiny finish that others have. I thought it was simple and I am asking for help now...
share your experience with me, please!
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