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>4 Good buy, not good bye
Posted by KIM from Dania, FL on Tue, Nov 25th, 2008
It's a good buy, and this CHI falt iron is the only one which didn't burn my hair so far..and i assume that's why it costs more than my other flat irons, nonetheless, it's worth my purchase, it costs much less than healthy hair!!
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>4 CHI original is very good!
Posted by Hales S from Belmar, NJ on Mon, Nov 24th, 2008
I have used CHI original flat iron for 2 years yet, and it never give negative surprise to me. unlike with other normal flat irons,    it seems not able to burn my hair for ever.    I still remember the awful experience to my last flat iron 2 years ahead, it created a burned smell on my medium-length hair, and compelled me change it into a short hair cut directly!! So I think I was very very lucky to find this CHI flat iron, it's everything it wished to be. It could heat up to work-temperature very very fast, and made a super straight finish on your hair, it's a great flat iron I had ever seen! I recommend it to anyone who wanna buy a flat iron, CHI original is very good!
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>4 High-quality but little damage.
Posted by Zoe from San Diego on Sun, Nov 23rd, 2008
This CHI is a high-quality flat iron, the most I like it is that it hasn't burnt my hair yet, and I wish it wouldn't burn my hair ever. It could heat up in an incredible short time, as it made an incredible sleek finish to my hair. But it seems to damage the ends if successively straighten the certain section of the hair, so when it gets straight enough, don't straighten it any more, it would worsen the nice finish. It's also the risk we run with other flat irons.
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>3 3 stars
Posted by Alexa Baur from NJ on Thu, Nov 20th, 2008
My chi flatiron was delivered very quickly; I receive 2days' later right after I ordered! This iron works well on my natural curly hair, my mother also likes to use it very much. Though the good job as it has always done, I still consider that it should be a little cheaper, there was no free shipping when I ordered it~~~!!! So I give 3 stars.
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>5 It Works Great!!
Posted by Julia from Ohio on Tue, Nov 18th, 2008
This original CHI works really well for me, it hasn't burnt my hair yet so far, that means much enough, I don't want to use the flat iron that get my hair burnt any more, that's awful~~!! Moreover, I did like the free shipping, no need to pay extra money for it, that's a nice thing!
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>4 Thanks for original CHI
Posted by Cindy T from Kiowa, KS on Sun, Nov 16th, 2008
When I ordered the CHI original model, I was convinced there would be a great change on my curly frizzy hair. Of course this CHI flat iron got it done. I first saw this CHI when my stylist used it on my hair, it did a impressed better job because I really love my shiny hair after its perfect finish, unfortunately it didn't last long without straightening it regularly, and it became awful frizzy. So I had an idea to buy a flat iron and use it at home instead going to salon, and soon I    remember "CHI" which I had experienced in salon. So I found it here and order one for myself just like I had successfully ordered a super straight& shiny, non-frizz hair out look for myself; I got my beautiful hair back, like perfect done of my stylist, thanks for original CHI.
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>5 Reaaaally good flat iron
Posted by Roe from Washington on Wed, Oct 8th, 2008
Chi is my second flat iron.    I used a GHD before but not quite happy with it. The CHI never snag my hair like Ghd did sometimes, and makes my hair MUCH MUCH shinier and silkier than ever before!!! I highly recommend this CHI flat iron.
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