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>5 I love my chi flat iron so much
Posted by Janny Lincon from Texas on Sun, Jan 31st, 2010
I have had my original chi flat iron for 3yrs, and it still works amazingly. It never snag or burn my hair, and always makes my hair super straight and shiny. The result stays straight for 3 or 4 days, despite the rain! That's amazing!!! I'll surly recommend this chi flat iron to anyone.
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>3 The quality is not good
Posted by Marina on Thu, Aug 19th, 2010
Most of my friends used Chi flat iron. I was told it was worth every penny for its great work. Without hesitating, I purchased this chi flat iron. It really leaves my coarse hair shiny and smooth. But it only worked for about eight months then stopped heating.Worth the money? I don't think so.
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>4 I was sold a fake!!!!
Posted by Girly from GA on Tue, Mar 15th, 2011
I was originally sold a fake chi from a beauty supply store in NY. It broke on me and I decided to dish out another lump of money but this time I did my research.    I have made a video showing the before and after of my thick hair using the chi. If you would like to watch copy the link. If not take my word it works great!!!!
Go to youtube and search SharJackson1 no spaces.
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>5 Love it xoxox
Posted by Letitia from from England[uk]..but live in... on Sun, Oct 18th, 2009
OK girls...first of all...i have owned 3 diffrent chi's..with the "original" being the best..i payed about $120 for mine about 2 years ago...i personaly think that the chi is deinatly one of the best iron's out there..or GHD is probibly a little bit better but then you are going to be paying over $200...i hear girls complaining about paying about $70$80 on a flat iron and i have to laugh at you all...i think that is a great price on somthing that is as wonderfull as the chi...if you wanna go and pay $20 for a crappy little flat iron your gonna get crappy $20 looking hair...chi beats the rest..put your money up for wont regret it..and the people who are having problems with it just dont know how to flat iron hair properly...practice makes perfect...keep trying and you will get good results in the end...if sombody gave it a bad result for performence talking about oh my hair fell out or it didnt work write then its not the iron with the problem its you and your hair lol....i get complements on my hair almost every day...the easyest way to do it is...

1) part your hair in whatever way you wear the part of your hair then part it all the way to the nape of your neck and put one half in a pony tail while leaving the other half loose so you can work with it.

2)take a section from the underneath and then put the rest of the hair in a clip or you can tie it up so it makes it alot easyer to work with the hair underneath.

3)brush the section of hair with a comb and put the flat iron as close as you can get it to the root and pull downwards not slow but not fast and repeat about 3 times...then comb it then go over it with the flat iron about 2 more times untill it creates your desired straightness(some hair might require more staightening or less depending on your hair type)

4)then take the top part of hair that you had clipped up and take another section out and repeat what you did again untill you work your way to the top ( i usualy get this done in 3 or 4 sections depending on my mood lol)

5) then repeat what you did on the other side of your hair and that should create even straightness through the whole head of hair...i have really really long hair and it usually takes me about 8-10 minutes to straighten it...if your starting out it will take you longer untill you get used to it and you can just go with the flow..anyway i really hope this helps sombody...good luck xoxox
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>5 Reaaaally good flat iron
Posted by Roe from Washington on Wed, Oct 8th, 2008
Chi is my second flat iron.    I used a GHD before but not quite happy with it. The CHI never snag my hair like Ghd did sometimes, and makes my hair MUCH MUCH shinier and silkier than ever before!!! I highly recommend this CHI flat iron.
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>4 High-quality but little damage.
Posted by Zoe from San Diego on Sun, Nov 23rd, 2008
This CHI is a high-quality flat iron, the most I like it is that it hasn't burnt my hair yet, and I wish it wouldn't burn my hair ever. It could heat up in an incredible short time, as it made an incredible sleek finish to my hair. But it seems to damage the ends if successively straighten the certain section of the hair, so when it gets straight enough, don't straighten it any more, it would worsen the nice finish. It's also the risk we run with other flat irons.
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Posted by Kelly R from Tuskegee, AL on Mon, Dec 1st, 2008
I had used many flat irons, exactly they were cheap flat irons, and now I have no complaint about them, they just worked according to how much I had paid. this CHI flat iron worked differently, it gave much shinier hair, importantly no frizz, I got this beautiful hair, coz I paid the price. love my best flat iron.
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>4 Heats up fast..
Posted by Cassie Lee from Beverly Hills on Tue, Dec 23rd, 2008
The most impressed of this flat iron is its ability to get a fast heat-up, making me no necessry to wait a long time before I straighten my hair. plus, the result it straightens my hair is nice enough, I do like it much!
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Posted by Amy from Napa on Sun, Dec 28th, 2008
My aunt gave me this flat iron as Christmas gift, I do love it very much.    I experienced straighter hair style yesterday, well, it was the first time in my life, I was feeling totally different, and i love that feeling. this would be the best gift!
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>5 Keeps hair color perfectly
Posted by Emma Perez from Lusby, MD on Tue, Dec 30th, 2008
I dyed my hair slight yellow, coz I do love this color, but the one thing once bothersome was that the color was fading when i used flat iron to get my hair straighten. thereafter i found this CHI flat iron who was said to be able to keep hair's color from fading. I gave it a try, and this appliance made its words. it keeps the color of my hair perfectly, I should give it an A.
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