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>5 Reaaaally good flat iron
Posted by Roe from Washington on Wed, Oct 8th, 2008
Chi is my second flat iron.    I used a GHD before but not quite happy with it. The CHI never snag my hair like Ghd did sometimes, and makes my hair MUCH MUCH shinier and silkier than ever before!!! I highly recommend this CHI flat iron.
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>5 It Works Great!!
Posted by Julia from Ohio on Tue, Nov 18th, 2008
This original CHI works really well for me, it hasn't burnt my hair yet so far, that means much enough, I don't want to use the flat iron that get my hair burnt any more, that's awful~~!! Moreover, I did like the free shipping, no need to pay extra money for it, that's a nice thing!
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Posted by Kelly R from Tuskegee, AL on Mon, Dec 1st, 2008
I had used many flat irons, exactly they were cheap flat irons, and now I have no complaint about them, they just worked according to how much I had paid. this CHI flat iron worked differently, it gave much shinier hair, importantly no frizz, I got this beautiful hair, coz I paid the price. love my best flat iron.
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>5 THE ONLY ONE wont discolor my hair
Posted by Ashley from Glendive, MT on Fri, Dec 12th, 2008
I had got light red on my hair and i did love the color, but the flat irons i bought before could all discolor it time after time i used it on my hair, resulting the diffent colors on my hair, some parts were getting yellow, as well as i was getting very angry. nonetheless, my friend had found a solution for me, and recommended me not to buy a flat iron with sheer metallic plates, but ceramic instead. so i got this for a try, you know what, it worked, after a few times, I found difference that it wouldn't discolor my hair ever, that's great, that's awesome!! I highly recommend this ceramic flat iron, honestly.
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Posted by Amy from Napa on Sun, Dec 28th, 2008
My aunt gave me this flat iron as Christmas gift, I do love it very much.    I experienced straighter hair style yesterday, well, it was the first time in my life, I was feeling totally different, and i love that feeling. this would be the best gift!
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>5 Keeps hair color perfectly
Posted by Emma Perez from Lusby, MD on Tue, Dec 30th, 2008
I dyed my hair slight yellow, coz I do love this color, but the one thing once bothersome was that the color was fading when i used flat iron to get my hair straighten. thereafter i found this CHI flat iron who was said to be able to keep hair's color from fading. I gave it a try, and this appliance made its words. it keeps the color of my hair perfectly, I should give it an A.
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Posted by Sally from LA on Sun, Mar 15th, 2009
This flat iron perfectly meets my need, I do not want to have my hair straightened every day, but I do love the change between straight and curling hair sometimes, so I don't have to go to salon, but do it myself at home instead at anytime i want to. and it had not let me down, it's able to create a very straight perfect hair for me instantly, really very effective!
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>5 Get Straight Hair at Home!
Posted by Maria from Los Angeles on Thu, May 14th, 2009
I dont want to get permanent straight hair, so my friend had advised me to buy a flat iron and get straight hair at home, so I took her advice. This CHI flat iron means so much to a black female with very curly hair, I do love to straighten my hair twice a week, additionally and importantly I can do straightening whenever I want to. Every time the super straight hair it creates for me perfectly meets my expectation, I love this CHI flat iron beyond all doubt!
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>5 Love my CHI flat iron
Posted by Ciwa M from Oregon on Thu, Sep 17th, 2009
My CHI flat iron is the only one I trust to use on my hair. Different form the previous two cheap irons, my CHI does no damage to my hair but gives very sheeny result which makes the hair look healthy. Trust me, my friend, DO NOT buy cheap flat irons, or you'll pay the price! This CHI flat iron is a good product which I wanna sincerely recommend, it will get hair problems solved.
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>5 Reviewed by Lisa from Buffalo, Sept. 20, 2009
Posted by Lisa from Buffalo on Sat, Sep 19th, 2009
Great flat iron, one of the best flat irons that i have ever used. It gives the hair a nice healthy sheen, and it also doesn't cause any breakage. I am african american with thick coarse textured hair, and this iron straighens my hair perfectly.
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