>4 Powerful Dryer
Posted by Blythe from Washington on Thu, Jan 27th, 2011
This Solia dryer is very powerful! It dries my hair much faster than my other driers and leaves more shine.
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>4 The Fastest
Posted by Iris Miler from Sylveste GA on Tue, Apr 7th, 2009
This solia is my third hairdryer, and I hope it to be my final. Differently from the preceding 2 dryers, this solia hairdryer has powerful motor to make the airflow very strong, it's the fastest hairdryer I've ever used, and I really like it.
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>4 No more complaint about time-consuming
Posted by Katrina from Clare MI on Wed, Apr 29th, 2009
This Solia hair dryer is a very useful tool in saving time on drying. Have you ever felt tired when you were using hairdryer? I did, I felt really tired during those 20 minutes drying my long and thick hair before I bought this Solia hair dryer, but this Solia hair dryer does significant thing in cutting down the time I spent on hair-drying almost by half. Now with this dryer I have no compliant about drying my hair, and enjoy beautiful hair additionally.
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>4 Great blow dryer
Posted by Natalie from Edenton, NC on Thu, Jul 23rd, 2009
My mun had bought this blow dryer as our old dryer stopped blowing. I had asked her about how much the new one cost, and I was surprised that this Solia blow dryer only costs $80. you know how much did our old T3 blow dryer cost? $170!! Although T3 had worked over 16 months for us, but I still think it's too expensive. This Solia has done the same job as the previous T3 dryer, and that's the real thing which makes itself worth the money. I like it, and I recommend it to anyone.
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>5 Solia Dryer Is the Best
Posted by June from Clara City on Wed, Aug 12th, 2009
I have used 4 hair dryers in the past 5 years(including this Solia dryer), the previous 3 were much cheaper than this Solia, and blew slower than it either. I had been considering that whether it's worth paying 100 bucks on a hair dryer before I made up my mind to purchase. It's worth the money, of course! It still blows outstandingly as a new one although it has worked for 9 months, and it always creates shiny hair which looks really attractive. Solia dryer is the best, trust me, and trust your penny.
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>4 Top Rated hair dryer
Posted by Jenniet Read from Saint Louis on Sun, Sep 6th, 2009
As it's top rated hair dryer, I got one for myself last month. It does look beautiful, I love blue. It's impressed when it worked at first, it seems as if it's not a "hair dryer", I thought the "hair dryer" should not be that quiet. Yes, it makes less noise than the hair dryers I used before, may be this should have been the true hair dryer that I want, and I really love it.
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>5 Highly recommend!
Posted by Tina on Wed, Jan 11th, 2012
I've bought many other expensive dryers but this Solia dryer is the BEST! It is NOT expensive,it is lightweight, it dryes my hair fast and frizzless.I definitely recommend this dryer.
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>3 Just so so
Posted by Linda P from NY on Mon, Feb 1st, 2010
The result is so so, no better than my old Solano hair dryer, except the price.
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>5 Excellent!
Posted by Jules on Mon, May 7th, 2012
It's the first professional hair dryer I've ever purchased and it really makes a difference! My old Conair doesn't compare to it at all. I can't believe that it takes only half the time to dry my hair and the results are SO GOOD - sleek, shiny, frizz-free, I don't even need to follow up with the straight iron. This is a must have and I highly recommend it!
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>4 It's good but not great
Posted by Samantha on Wed, May 30th, 2012
I like how softer and smoothier it dries my hair, and makes my hair really straight with the concentrator. It only dries a little faster than my old one, and not that lightweight as I expected.It is also very easy to flip the off switch in the middle of drying. But considering the price and result,    it's good overall and I'm pleased with my purchase.
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