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Back to school: Look fab while saving big!

School is right around the corner! Still racking brain for a new hairstyle for the new semester?

Look no further, Cosmtools.com makes it easy for you! Here below we pick 5 simple yet trendy back to school hairstyles and recommend 5 styling tool sets to meet your hair styling requirements. Not only are these 5 sets of high quality, but they are also on big sale! Order now and you will save up to 64%.

There’s never been such a big deal before. Hurry up!


1. Cute straight hair with mini side braid    

Long, sleek straight hair is always a classic choice for school girls. Wondering how to stand out from the crowd of straight-haired girls? Look to Hailee Steinfeld for inspiration. Adding a twisted side braid like Hailee Steinfeld will spice up your hair in no minutes.

Solia All About Style Deluxe Value Pack has all you need to create this sweet look:
  • Wash hair and blow dry with Solia Thermal Ionic Dryer;
  • Apply Sedu Volumizing Boost, which will protect and condition hair from heat styling process
  • Use Solia Flat Iron 1 1/4 inch to create stick straight, smooth and silky locks;
  • Make a cute mini side braid and you are ready to go back to school!

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2. Stylish high straight ponytail     

Wearing your long tresses always down will be boring. For a fresh new look, try to style your hair differently by pulling them up. Lea Michele’s high ponytail with extra volume on top is a great example. You will surely make other girls jealous wearing this voguish style.

You can easily achieve this look with Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Set:
  • Create soft, smooth and straight hair with Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron 1” and Sedu Straightening Comb;
  • Pull back all strands at the back while tease the hair at the crown gently with Sedu Straightening Comb to create extra height;
  • Spray with Sedu Antifrizz Polishing Treatment to hold the style and add shine
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3. Gorgeous cascading waves  

Selena Gomez’s gorgeous long cascading waves are another perfect back-to-school hairstyle. What a sweet, romantic look!

Steal these gorgeous waves with Solia In the Pink Flat Iron Set:
  • Use Solia 1 1/4 inch Flat Iron to achieve soft, smooth tresses;
  • Make loose, bouncy curls over the ears down to the ends with Solia Mini Curling Iron;
  • Finish with Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment to add ravishing sheen
  • You can spice up the look with sweet headbands (4 pieces altogether)!
Get this set at $89.99 now (it was $ 252.98), saving 64% plus free shipping!

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4. Flirty messy side braid 


A messy side braid like Ashley Greene’s is flirty and fun for school. And you don't need a straightener or curling iron to achieve it. Solano Professional Hair Dryer Set is all you'll need:
  • Apply Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Serum with Moroccan Argan Oil on wet hair
  • Blow dry with Solano Turbo Statos 3800 Hair Dryer; the result will be smooth, soft and shiny.
  • Pull all of your hair over to one side and start braiding from the nape of the neck till the ends.
  • Once the braid is in place, use the Paddle Brush to gently brush one or two strands out for the natural, disheveled effect.
The set also comes with 2 narrow concentrator nozzles and Crane clips.

Get this set at $89.99 now (it was $ 159.99), saving 44% plus free shipping! 
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5. Edgy Tousled Bob

Want to stay on the edgy, playful side in the new semester? Get this sexy tousled bob! The disarrayed layers and razor-cut side-swept bangs make it a fresh new look over the conventional “bob”.

You will need a powerful ionic dryer, a paddle brush and strong finishing spray to get this messy look. Solia 1875W Ionic Dryer Set is your perfect choice:
  • Apply Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray on wet hair;
  • Blow dry – just air, no brushing- with Solia 1875 hair dryer, which creates texture and volume when hair is completely dry;
  • Use the Paddle Brush for the bangs and blow dry it straight;
  • Back brushed the top part of the head and Spray Sedu Mosturizing Boost on the whole roots and top of the head to set hair into place.
Get this set at $94.99 now (it was $ 215.93), saving 56% plus free shipping!

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