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Steal Katharine McPhee's Soft, Flirty Curls

Posted by HairChameleon on Fri, Apr 27th, 2012

Soft, flirty, and classic! These sualtry curls Katharine McPhee wore to the NBCUniversal summer press day won my heart. Hair at the crown was smooth and polished with slight volume, while ends were styled in loose curls for textural contrast.

Steal Katharine McPhee's Soft, Flirty Curls

This lovely style is just in time for the summer season.  Let's steal it in a couple of simple steps:

1. Start with damp hair and spritz with a volumizer on the roots.

2. Blow dry hair with a round brush, focusing the heat on the roots for volume. We recommend Ultra CHI Red Pro Hair Dryer, which does an amazing job in drying hair while boosting volume and shine.

3. Once hair is completely dry, make a side part and divide hair into small 2-inch sections.

4. Section by section, twist the ends around a heated curling iron, hold for a few seconds and release. For soft, loose curls like Katharine McPhee's here, a Hot Tools 2 Inch Curling Iron is a best choice. It will make large, beautiful curls that are frizz-free and last long.

5. After the entire head has been curled, soften the waves with your fingers and finish with hairspray. 

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