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Ceramic Hair Straightener vs. Traditional Hair Straightener

Posted by Kmm on Thu, Oct 9th, 2008

The benefit of ceramic hair straightener and the reason why ceramic hair straighteners are more popular than traditional ones in hairdressing.

Q: Is using a ceramic hair straightener better for hair than using a traditional hair straightener?

A: Since the day of hot combs for straightening the hair, manufacturers of hair appliances have been developing different improvements to make hair straightening easier and give better results. The development of ceramic heating surfaces in styling appliances offers the benefit of more even heating and a better non-stick finish. This means that the hair is probely less to be overheated or to be burned in straightening treatment due to the hair sticks to the plates of hair straightener.

As to the question of whether ceramic hair straightener works better than others, the answer is both “yes”! Thermal appliances are like every other technology and are being constantly improved upon. Ceramic hair straighteners have the benefit of providing a more even heating and better ‘non-stick’ surface than older feature of hair straighteners.

Even so, traditional hair straightener can work wonderfully on normal hair when used properly. Make sure that no matter what the models of hair straightener you use, don’t work with a hair straightener which is too hot for the hair, and be sure your hair is fully dry before the straightening treatment.

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