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Ceramic Plates: Temperature Distribution

Posted by HairSavvy on Thu, Mar 25th, 2010

Usually hair straightener gets intense heat during the straightening process. But if the temperature of plate surface is not well-distributed, after straightened the part of hair and the heat goes away, you will find that it doesn't straighten the hair well. Imagine the disaster: if most of the plate was 190°C and part of it was 210°C, and your hair was fine then the excess temperature would frazzle your hair, make it brittle and cause breakage.

Ceramic Plates: Temperature Distribution

Just make sure to a hair straightener with ceramic plates. Ceramic plates have a more even heat distribution across the plates surface which means that the whole plate is an even temperature. The temperature can be controlled better, because ceramic plates heat up and cool down quickly. As temperature is crucial, it will be important to your fine hair.

Also you should be putting some type of thermal protectant on the hair before you dry your hair.

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