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CHI Technology

Posted by Karen on Wed, Oct 29th, 2008

Featuring CHI Ceramic 44, Far Infrared, Negative Ions, Low EMF and Nano Silver, all CHI hair irons and dryers give the user amazing performance with every product, lead to healthier results and safer working environment.

CHI 44 Ceramic

All the CHI hair irons, dryers, colors, lighteners, styling products and other tools contain CHI 44 ceramic ingredients.

Far Infrared

Far Infrared is produced from CHI 44 ceramic in all CHI hair irons, dryers and other tools giving the user amazing performance with every product. CHI products and tools,especially the chi flat iron, penetrate deeper into the hair and the results speak for themselves.

FAR Infrared is the longest frequency of the infrared spectrum. It is invisible to human eyes. Far-infrared frequency can penetrate up to 1½ inches (4 cm) inside of the skin as well as inside of the hair. Far Infrared is drying the hair from inside out due to its ionic charge and colors are penetrating deeper. Far Infrared is heating up objects (hair/brush) not just the air. The recent studies have also shown that it can increase the blood circulation and metabolism. With the far infrared technology, the chi flat iron can also help to maintain our general health.

Negative Ions

ALL CHI Hair Dryers produce Negative Ions. This diffuses the water molecules into micro fine particles. This improves moisture balance and shine and also reduces frizzyness and static electricity.

Low EMF (Electro Magnetic Field)

Regular blow-dryers emit up to 20,000 mG, and CHI Blow-dryers emit max 1.5 mG. This leads to a safer working environment.

Nano Silver

CHI Brand has now added this new pioneering technology to our industry, for the first time hairdressers will be able to use tools which not only out perform but also sterilize themselves and kill bacteria.

Ammonia-free Colors and Lighteners

All CHI Colors and Lighteners are 100% ammonia free. Pleasant fragrance when coloring, hair stays in better condition. This is huge selling point for you the DSC as CHI Colors and Lighteners are the only Ammonia-free system on the market currently.

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