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Choose a Right Hair Straightener for Thick Straight Hair

Posted by Kmm on Tue, Oct 14th, 2008

For the people with thick, straight hair, this type of hair would easily be hurted during the straightening. How to take care of the hair during hair straightening??

I've been reading around the forums on hair straighteners and doing some really heavy research on some popular brand hair straighteners.

For the people with thick, straight, shoulder-length hair, this type of hair would easily be hurt during the straightening. They would become really frizzy and coarse. Then the hair is a little difficult to straighten, and always have to use high heat.

I've read the reviews on some cheapo hair straighteners (Conair, Remington, Hot Tools) and even some not-so-cheap ones (Chi, Corioliss, Wigo, HAI). The Chi worked OK for the hair, but it wasn't as amazing as people claimed it to be: it totally dried out the hair, and didn't even get or keep it that straight.  The Conair ones worked better than that!  Besides the point, it always broke within 7 months because of the cord (which I've heard is a very common issue).

I've also narrowed it down to either the Solia or Sedu hair straightener to purchase. They both seem to have their pros & cons, especially after I've read thousands of reviews on the web. The reason why I am not spring for the Sedu, despite the rave reviews, is concern about the heat - the hair is a tad difficult to straighten, and I'm afraid the Sedu might only work on thinner hair; not on thick hair.The reason why I am not go for the Solia is the plate system (Dynamic Alignment System). After reading SO many reviews, I found that some people have said the systems creates a big gap, the plates don't exactly meet, it's ineffective, and it snags your hair at the ends.

Read the reviews before you choose a hair straightener is a good habit. For this, you could knew the brand like the palm of your hand and kept your hair from the damage by using a improper hair straightener.

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