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Clean Up Your Makeup Bag

Posted by HairSavvy on Thu, Oct 9th, 2008

Make-up guru Bobbi Brown recently told a British newspaper that this is the perfect time of year for every woman to overhaul her cosmetics kit.


“I love the “back-to-school” feeling of September, and cleaning out your make-up bag is a great way to start,” Brown says. “Dump everything out on the floor and throw out anything that's two years old or anything you haven't touched for six months.”

If you have any items that lists as below, make sure you remember to take care of them in time.


If you’ve been using the same mascara throughout winter it’s time to buy a new one. Be brutal and turf any tubes that have been open longer than two months. Really. Think how close mascara lives to your eyes and then take another look at that rapidly drying tube. 

When throwing out that old mascara, it is time to buy another. So let’s go shopping. 


Whether they’re made of natural hair or synthetic fibers, all brushes can be washed in warm soapy water. A gentle shampoo or foaming cleanser works well. Just remember to rinse really, really well in lots of clean water. Carefully squeeze back into shape and leave to air for at least a day.

Alternatively, there are speciality cleansers designed just for brushes that shorten drying time to a matter of minutes. Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser sprays on and tissues off while MAC Brush Cleanser disinfects and conditions on contact. Just wipe on to a tissue and see the color disperse.

BTW, if your brushes are starting to shed or feel scratchy, it’s time to replace them. Check out    .


Wash sponges as above, ensuring you squeeze out all of the colors. Rinse each in plenty of clean, warm water and dry in the sun. If that sounds like too much work – remembering this really should be done weekly – just buy new ones. 


Wipe pencils, including lids and the outer surface, with an anti-bacterial make-up remover cloth such as Clearasil Deep Cleanse Deep Cleansing Wipes. Finish by sharpening each pencil to reveal a fresh tip. Manicure Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener has dual slots to fit most pencils.


Shake compacts over the sink to dislodge any loose powder flecks. You’re going to need those Clearasil Deep Cleanse Deep Cleansing Wipes again to wipe the surface of your compacts, inside and out. Follow with tissue to remove any residue on mirrors and leave lids open for an hour to dry.

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Posted by Rachel on Sun, Jun 3rd, 2012
Thanks Kobi, very inspiring!

Posted by markus kobi on Sat, Jun 2nd, 2012
Also, Goo Gone spray makes a fantastic stain/pigment buster for your make up bags, both inside and out. Removes random gunk and excess pigment from make up bags and cases beautifully(even old stains)!It polishes them to a nice shine while lubricating and 'oiling' your zippers all at the same time, a TRUE multitasker!

Posted by markus kobi on Sat, Jun 2nd, 2012
Also, squeezing warm water with a little OxyClean in it through dirty make up sponges takes most of the work out of making them brand new again. Squeeze cold seltzer water through them to rinse them thoroughly afterwards in a bowl filled halfway with seltzer, repeat this process with a few sponges at a time in your hand until the water reamains clear and change the water as often as needed. Squeeze tightly in paper towels before air drying. Do NOT SOAK sponges in the OxyClean solution OR substitute bleach for Oxy powder, sponges will quickly disintegrate!

Posted by markus kobi on Sat, Jun 2nd, 2012
I always rinse my brushes in a few tall glasses of plain seltzer water after I wash them. I dump it, squeeze brushes out and soak em again in a clean glass of seltzer until the water remains clear. then I squeeze them firmly in between paper towels to remove excess water rapidly before air drying. Its a good idea to rake them from all sides lightly with an eyelash comb to remove breakage before reuse, once they are completely DRY. Use a blow dryer on cool simultaneously to blow any dust and debris out of the brush while combing loose hairs free.

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