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ESCA 6-Drawer Jewelry Box

Acrylic Cosmetic Holder (Clear)
  • Acrylic Cosmetic Holder (Clear)
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  • High-quality acrylic plastic looks good anywhere! This lucite cosmetic organizer has plenty of compartments for up to 9 lipsticks, plenty of bottles and brushes, and anything else you find cluttering...

Acrylic Flip-Door Cosmetics Organizer

ESCA Faceted Swab / Cotton Ball Holder

ESCA Spiral Swab Holder
  • ESCA Spiral Swab Holder
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  • With this crystal clear ESCA Spiral Swab Holder, you   will not just get your swabs managed, you will get a great decoration on your table as well.

ESCA Cotton Ball/Swab Holder, Medium

ESCA Cotton Ball Holder, 30mm Knob

ESCA Square Cotton Ball Holder

ESCA Q-Tip Box
  • ESCA Q-Tip Box
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  • Just like the name of the product, you'd best keep your Q-Tips in this box, or you can discover more functions other than Q-Tip box!

ESCA 100 Tissue Box