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Girl Crush Hair Beader
  • Girl Crush Hair Beader
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  • Create your own unique hairstyles with the Girl Crush Hair Beader. Using the beading tool is simple: simply choose which beads you'll use, load them into the device and pull the trigger. The beads...

IGIA AT6746S Twist-a-Braid Hair Braider

Jilbere de Paris™ Quick Braid Hair Braider

Conair QB3ECS Quick Braid Styling Kit

Conair QWCS Quick Wrap Braider
  • Conair QWCS Quick Wrap Braider
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  • Creates Trendy Wraps on Any Type or Texture of Long or Medium-length Hair and It's Really Fun to Use. Styling Kit includes: 2 Bright Spools of String, 1 Extra Bundle of String, 12 Beads and Charms,...

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