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Hair Dryer for Dry Easily Fried Hair

Posted by Kmm on Tue, Oct 21st, 2008
If you need to use hair dryer to style it, please be sure to use the coolest setting you can get or you're just asking for fried split-end hair. Also try getting cholesterol treatments if fried already.
Get a hair dryer with adjustable settings. For example the Revlon 1875W Ion Select Hair Dryer RV470, it has 3 heat settings and 2 air speed settings and a "style/ dry" switch in the back, it really cuts the drying time down significantly.

Another choice, get a Ceramic Hair Dryer or Tourmaline Hair Dryer. These 2 dryers could both cut down on drying time and help keep your hair smooth. I recently threw out my old dryer (about as old as yours) and got a Revlon dryer with tourmaline. I can really tell the difference--my hair is much smoother and it doesn't take as long to dry.

Beside those 2 methods, natural air dry is good too, hold the hair up in a towel for awhile, then let dry natural.
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