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Hair Straightener for Short Hair

Posted by Kmm on Tue, Jan 13th, 2009
There are a wide range of hair straighteners designed specifically for short hair. The plates of hair straightener which designed for short hair are narrower for easier styling. Of course, ordinary hair straighteners for any hair would work too, but might be a bit more hassle.
Hair Straighteners are always used on bone dry hair. The styling is quite easy: practice makes perfect, but after a few tries, you should get the knack. The trick is to work on your hair in individual sections (clip the other parts out of the way) and to keep the irons moving at all times, don't clamp them around a piece of hair and leave them there!

With straightening products, the key is to use something that protects your hair from the heat. TreSemme, L'Oréal and GHD all make these, plus no doubt some others that you can find on the shelves in your local store. Personally, don't think that the more expensive products are any more effective, you just need to find what works for YOU, everyone's hair is unique.

I would recommend that you borrow some straighteners from a friend or relative and see whether you like the effect. Or when you next get a haircut, ask the stylist to straighten your hair afterwards and show you how they do it.
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