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Make Your Hair Wavy with a Curling Iron

Posted by Kmm on Wed, Dec 3rd, 2008

The hair would got very curly easily when using a curling iron to make the hair wavy. Many people were puzzled with this, right? Here I have 3 simple methods to help you.

1. Use called Tresseme Curl Activator, it's not really a gel but it is more of a hairspray that helps u make ur hair curly!!

a. Start with dry hair and apply Tresseme thermal creations curl activator liberally. brush through for even distribution;
b. Using a curling iron ( size of your choice) , curl hair in vertical sections;
d. With your fingers break up curls and form to your liking;
d. Apply anti frizz smoothing creme ( by Tresseme) for a smooth , frizz free finish.

2. Get a curling iron with a larger barrel, you need like a 1" to 2" barrel to make waves, they'll look like big loose ringlets at first. So that it makes the curl "softer", if that isn't possible, try curling a larger section of hair at one time. If you do smaller sections, of course it will be curlier. Then finger comb and use a little gel or curl defining lotion to make waves.

3. Takes a little while to get the hang of it but it's really good. When you take your strand of hair, instead of curling from the bottom to the top, curl from the top to the bottom. You have to figure out your own technique, but it produces really pretty waves, not springy curls.

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