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Makeup Tools You Should Know About

Posted by HairSavvy on Thu, Oct 9th, 2008

How do you apply your make up? With the tools that attached in the makeup your purchased? Or a set of professional ones? See how we definite these tools.

Sponges: Handy for applying foundation (especially around the nose and eye area), they are also good for applying powder. Wash them frequently and dry naturally to maintain their condition.

Powder brush: The larger the brush, the better. Be sure to blow excess powder off the brush before using it. Wash it in a light shampoo and allow to dry naturally. A mild hair conditioner keeps natural fibers in peak condition.

Blusher brush: Although smaller than a powder brush, a blusher brush is far larger than the freebie found in a compact. The quality of the brush makes all the difference to the application and is worth investing in. Wash as above.

Lip brush: This is an essential tool for applying non-budge lipstick. It is also much easier to control: have you ever tried manipulating a whole lipstick into the pointy bits of your mouth? Wash frequently to avoid colors bleeding into one another.

Eyeshadow brush: Ditch the sponge applicator and use a decent eyeshadow brush for a smooth and even application.

Eyebrow brush: This is an underestimated tool, but the key to a groomed look. Brush the eyebrows upwards to create a wide-eyed, open-faced look.

Eyelash curler: No professional make-up artist would ever be without eyelash curler.

Scissors: An indispensable tool for anything and everything.

Eyelash brush: Use this tool between each coat of mascara to prevent lashes from clogging.

Tweezers: Only the blondest of the blonds never has a stray hair hat needs whipping out. When buying tweezers, make sure that the ends meet perfectly, otherwise they will only do a second-rate job. I find that the ones with slightly sloping edges works best.

Sharpener: Essential for great results with a lip or eye pencil.

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