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Posted by guest on Fri, Nov 28th, 2008
Hi, everybody! Let's talk about mineral makeup. What brand do you like the best and why?  Is there really that much difference between them?

Here is my experience:
I use Mary Kay loose powder and am happy with it. But I have very sensitive skin, I would love to switch over to mineral powder because it's supposed to be better for the skin.

I ordered some samples this week. When I put it on, my face started itching a little, but it went away after 5 minutes or so.  Is that possibly because of the brush I used? Or do you think it might be the minerals?  Also, my face felt stiff, like it was too dry.

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Posted by leonyne2000 on Sun, Nov 30th, 2008
I use and really like burts bees concealer. The ingredients are castor oil, sunflower oil, beeswax,vitamine E, candelila wax, cucumber extract,rosemary extract,and minerals for the color. It is a cream. I dot it where I need it. I love the stuff. I have very sensitive skin and will brake out with everything else I have tried.They have tinted moisturizers, but I have not trried them yet, I am happy with the concealer.

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Posted by Jennah:] on Mon, Dec 1st, 2008
Natural does not always mean better, there are many ingrediants found in nature that can be VERY irratating to the skin.

Many people have this itching issue with the minerals make up.I believe it's because it contains talc. There are some that don't contain talc which I remember seeing in another thread somewhere.

I can't use the mineral make-up myself.It makes me itchy and makes my already shiney face look even shinier.

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Posted by guest on Thu, Dec 11th, 2008
Hi, leonyne2000, thanks for the suggestion.    I've seen that at the health food store.    I might look into it. :)

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Posted by artgirl247 on Thu, Dec 18th, 2008
If you want a powder, I get a shea/emu cream from a gal that makes mineral makeup. I have not tried it because I have acne prone skin that brakes out with everything but burts bees, but I love her shea/emu cream. I bought one for my mom helpers at preschool. Look up mineral glitters. it is something like mymineralglitter.com but I am not for sure.

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