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Pimples Care

Posted by HairSavvy on Fri, Dec 19th, 2008

What should we do when the pimples are coming out at chin, nose or cheeks? Here are some tips about the pimples care:

If you get the pimples at teenager, this is kind of late for it to be a chronic problem. (For a chronic problem, there none of the over the counter stuff ever worked, so Proactiv is the best cure). Try the drugstore Astringents and Benzoil peroxide creams first since they are a lot cheaper. Drinking lots of water and changing your pillowcase every 2 days helps a lot too.  If they do not help, I agree, go for proactiv.  

Here is a suggestion which the dermatologist told me: put Harse things on your face, lately start taking flaxseed oil for eczema and will notic your face appears clearer. If you break out with acne, just stop taking the oral drugs when you started taking flaxseed oil.

Due to the oil becoming rancid easily, take 2-3 teaspoons of flaxseed oil and one tablet of vitamin E 400 iu along with the flaxseed oil.

If you're only just get the pimples at teenager, its a little unusual. If something hasn't changed about your habits? Something as little as touching your face more can make you break out (get oil/dirt on it from your hands). For large pores, the only thing that can really have any effect on the size (from what I've seen) is to rinse your face with cold water after you're finished washing it. The cold water shrinks the pores and can help reduce oilyness.

It's a fact - curing acne can never be achieved by tackling one of the many factors responsible for acne. If you've ever tried to cure your acne by using one-dimensional treatments (like antibiotics or even detox diets) and failed, it's probably because you tackled only one aspect of the disease.

Try this simple remedy: wash your face twice a day in warm salty water. This should leave your face oil free without aggravating the pimples like soap. The secret of keeping the skin clear is to keep it oil-free and clean.

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