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How to Choose a Hair Dryer for Your Hair

Posted by guest on Mon, Mar 29th, 2010

Hair dryer, which is most commonly used by both professional hairstylists and everyday home users, is the must-have tool for hair styling. But it is not a easy job to buy the right hair dryer for your hair type for less hair damage. These elements you should consider:

Hair Dryer Features and Hair TypesJust like hair shampoo, you need to know your hair type when choosing a hair dryer. A hair dryer only works the best on its certain hair types:

The higher wattage with a hair dryer, the more powerful heat and air flow will be produced. And the higher wattage, the less time hair drying will take to dry your hair. So,
Variable Speed and Heat Control

Choose a hair dryer with variable speeds and heat controls is always a good idea, because it offers more flexibility when drying your hair.

Well, normally it is easy to tell, the lighter, the better.

Get the right attachment for your hair dryer such as diffuser, nozzle and round brush to help you drying and styling your hair more effective.  

When it comes to price, it is not always the more expensive the better for the right hair dryer. Dryers can range in price from $20 to $140 and even more. You should always have in mind and find the one that meets your budget and requirements.