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Tips for Using a Flat Iron Correctly

Posted by guest on Sun, Sep 19th, 2010

Flat iron seems to become an essential hair tool for women. It can quickly control the unruly hair and make versatile hairstyles. As more and more people use it, we find someone's hair are damaged while others' are healthy and shiny. Why? The reason is the way they use the tool.

Here are some suggestions given to you for using the flat iron correctly.
Choose a good quality iron: A low-quality flat iron will increase the risk of hair damages. It may pull the hair out and cause scratches. To choose a high-quality flat iron, the biggest concern is the plates. The plates made of high quality materials such as Ceramic and tourmaline can keep the hair from heat damage and leave it in good condition.
Read the directions: Always read the directions before trying the iron on the hair. It will guide you to use the styling tool correctly. Using it in a right way not only beautifies the styling results but also extend the tool's lifespan.
Clean and condition your hair: When the hair is dirty, oily or sweaty, a hot flat iron will ruin it severely. So cleaning the hair thoroughly is a necessary step. What's more, a daily leave-in conditioner should be applied to prevent the hair from drying out. It's also important to do a deep conditioner every week.
Dry the hair completely: Keep in mind that most flat irons are used for completely dry hair except wet-to-dry irons. Any moisture in the hair will cause frizz. Check out your tool for this feature unless you want to ruin the hair.
Set the right heat: This is a little tricky. A flat iron with adjustable temperature will be helpful. At first, several tests should be made to know what temperature suits the hair type. Here is a simple way to help. Put a piece of moistened tissue paper between the plates and hold for a few seconds. If the paper is burnt, the iron is too hot.
Flatten every other day: Always remember applying any heat to the hair will cause damages. In this case, ironing frequently will dry out your hair and split the ends. So give some time to the hair for recovering.