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Flat Iron Caring Tips

Posted by guest on Sun, Aug 21st, 2011

A suitable and high quality flat iron helps us create beautiful hairstyles and enjoy good hair day. To make it work at its peak potential and last long, we should take proper care of it. Here are some important tips for caring for a flat iron.

Unplug it after every use

Many people tend to forget turning the flat iron off after use, which is a potential danger and waste of energy. Unplugging it is a simple but very useful precaution to ensure safety while helping save energy.

Clean the plates after every use

Hair sprays, conditioners and heat Protestants are often applied during hairstyling using a flat iron, which inevitably cause residue and form a layer on the plates. That will not only affect the performance of the flat iron, but may also result in hair pulling or breakage. All you need to do is to clean the plates properly after each use.

Wait for your iron to completely cool down before cleaning

Before cleaning, make sure the flat iron is completely cooled down. Attempt to clean while the flat iron is still hot is dangerous, which could damage your iron or hurt yourself.

Use iron cleanser spray

When cleaning, use an iron cleanser spray rather than a general cleaning spray. Flat irons are exquisite appliances which require specific caring. General cleaning sprays might not be suitable for the plates and might cause damage or reduce their effectiveness. You can buy iron cleanser spray in any hair supply store.

Use the heat resistant bag

Many flat irons come with a heat resistant bag at the time of purchase. Make good use of it. In case you are in a hurry but your flat iron isn’t fully cooled down yet, just place it in the heat resistant bag and you don’t have to worry about getting anything burned. You can also use it to place the flat iron during use, which prevents any damage spot caused to the surface of the counter top by the hot plates.

If you don’t own a heat resistant bag, you can find it in any stores selling hair styling tools. It is a very practical buy and doesn’t cost much.

DO NOT wrap the cord around the barrel

Many people have this bad habit to wrap the cord around the barrel after use. Before you detect it, damage could have occurred to the cord, ending up losing the connection of the power supply to the appliance.
In order not to get the cord jumbled up, you could just leave the cord loosely on the side and store it in the heat resistant bag. 

Keep the screws tight

Every flat iron has a hinge at the back which holds the plates together evenly. After a certain period of use, it is very common for the hinge to loosen up. So remember to keep an eye on it regularly. Once find it loosen up, easily fix it by removing the hinge cover and gently tightening up the screws that hold the hinge together.

Buying a flat iron is an investment. Follow the caring tips above, you will keep your flat iron looking and functioning like a new one for many years to come.