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Read Reviews, and Make Your Own Decision for the CHI Flat Iron 1"

Posted by Christine on Mon, Jun 8th, 2009

When you are thinking about getting a CHI flat iron 1", you probably would like to read the reviews by the users first, even you have acknowledged that it is one of the top model and top brand in the market.

Yes, it is a very important way to learn the facts of the product that you want to buy by reading the reviews post by real users. You can always get thousands of reviews from the major online retailers. For example, there are over 1,400 reviews for CHI flat Iron 1" on folica.com, and over 1,200 on amazon.com. How can you get to find the most meaningful, constructive and trusted reviews from pages of information? It will be a time-waste if you spend your precious time getting through all of them. And indeed, it is not that necessary doing so, cause I have done it.

When I went through the CHI flat iron 1", we found that there were a little more than 60% reviews on two major online retailers folica.com and amazon.com were 5 star reviews, shown satisfied with their choice. Meanwhile, there were 21.7% users rated this product below 3 stars.

Here is the review summary from folica.com and amazon.com by June 9th, 2009.

5 stars 5 stars review 940 64.3%
4 stars 4 stars review 203 13.9%
3 stars 3 stars review 73 5.0%
2 stars 2 stars review 82 5.6%
1 star 1 star review 163 11.2%
Total 1461 100%

So, when you read reviews from users, you have to be really objective on all the reviews that you read, just like one of the reviewer said: "I never take the time to comment on products unless they are REALLY Good or REALLY Bad. We collected here the most mentioned advantages and disadvantages of the CHI 1" Original Flat Iron.


  1. Great result of sleek and shiny hair. Most users are happy with the result, reach the heat fast and stay hot stably. The ceramic plates offer great flat to the hair.
  2. Protective to your hair. The design of the CHI flat iron is very considerable and avoid from pulling your hair while straightening.
  3. Save the natural moisture of your hair. Users are satisfied with the result which won't cause any dry out of the hair.
  4. Long duration and good quality. Some users reported their CHI had been used for over 8 to 10 years.


  1. Poor quality: The plates of chi flat iron are complained easily falling off; the cord are not long enough. No falling, no drop down floor or something. Without the plate, the flat iron will hurt   your hair and burn your finger
  2. Stop working with no signs. It just wouldn't turn on any more. You can probably imagine the situation when everything is ready for a date except the hair is undone!
  3. No warranty commitment from the manufacturer for those who purchased from online dealers. There is only 30 day return policy for those who bought from amazon.com; after that, you will not be covered by any warranty at all. Folica.com offered an one year limited warranty to encourage customers enjoying the much cheaper price than buy from authorized dealers or hair salons.
  4. On the contrary, there were complains for the short life of the products. It looks like the product is having a hard time to maintain the quality.

When people are in the mood of dedicating to a product review, it is always involved with a strong emotion, either extremely happy or extremely disappointed with the product. The percentages of 5 star and 1 star reviews tell it all. After all you will have to have your own decision besides all the time you have wasted thinking and comparing. Wish you could be one of the 5 star reviewers.

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