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Curling Irons vs Hair Rollers

Posted by Kmm on Thu, Oct 16th, 2008
What’s the difference between curling irons and hair rollers on hair curling?
Hair rollers are best suited to short hair that needs help with a little root lift, they could give a softer, more airy feel to hair. You can just pop two to four rollers at the crown, leave them in while you’re doing other things, nominating the foam rollers over the spiky ones as the best buys.

If you have medium or long hair, however, you'd better choose curling iron, because the metal and hotter, it could gives you longer-lasting curls. Another advantage of curling iron is the medium barrel style, this style is more versatile.

If you want a boho feel, you can just curl the roots and mid-lengths, leave the ends straight. If you want the Rita Hayworth glamorous style, horizontally hold the curling iron at the end of each section, wind it right up, then clip curls in place. At last, brush curls all out to get a beautiful body and wave. Of course, here is another method, wind hair around a iron held vertically, which creates more of flatter, ringlet kind of curl.
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