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The Right Hair Straightener for Your Hair

Posted by HairSavvy on Wed, Dec 13th, 2006

At the moment, there are large amount of hair straighteners available on the market. How do you know which one would be suitable for you? Are all the cheap ones rubbish and the expensive ones over priced? Well the answer is it all depends on your hair.

The Right Hair Straightener for Your Hair

If your hair is thick and in good condition then you do not need to pay for an expensive straightener, metal straighteners would be suitable. If, however, you do not intend to use the straightener on a regualar basis and only on special occasions and you have healthy hair already then ceramic straighteners can be ideal for you and at price that will make you smile.


Ceramic plates have a more even heat distribution across the plates surface which means that the whole plate is an even temperature. Imagine the disaster if most of the plate was 190C and part of it was 210C, and your hair was fine then the excess temperature would frazzle your hair! The temperature can be controlled better, because ceramic plates heat up and cool down quickly. As temperature is crucial, it will be important to your fine hair.

Another problem to consider then is the temperature required.

As we can see, the temperatures below 100C would be ineffective for long term straightening and would only dry your hair.

If you hair is completely damaged then the temperature should not really exceed 120C. This will not be very good at acheiving a long term result since the temperatures are still too low but the condition of your hair will not allow higher tempertaures unless you can use ionic or infra red technologies to protect your hair from a higher temperature.

Normal Hair needs temperatures from 160C - 180C to straighten it but again protective technologies can increase the temperature that your hair can withstand and therefore a longer lasting effect can be achieved.

If your hair is thick then you will need temperatures higher than 180C. This greatly reduces your choice of straightener as most cheaper models will not achieve such high temperatures. When using such high temperatures it is important for your hair's condition to use Ceramic plates, preferably with ionic and/or infra red protection. A temperature control will also add to the usability of your straightener giving you more control and peace of mind. You can then increase the temperature up to your required temperature rather than finding out too late that your straightener is too hot for your hair.

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