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The Secrets of Using Eye Makeup Tools

Posted by HairSavvy on Wed, Oct 15th, 2008

When using the eye makeup tools, you may find particular problems that bring you headaches. Find out if the following secrets would help.

Eye Liner: For most effective eye-lining, try angling your pencil down towards lashes, rather than up. This way, you’ll be able to etch more closely along the lash line, which will not only better define your eyes, but also make lashes looks lusher.

Eye Liner for Oily Eyelids: First of all, make sure you’re priming your lids well for makeup. To do this, blend in some concealer, then use a puff to press in some translucent powder – this will help to control excess oil. Also make sure you’re not overloading your lids with eye cream. It’s great to treat the skin here (if your eye cream can safely be applied on the upper lid) – but you only need a light touch. As for makeup, I’d suggest trying an eyeliner brush and a cake liner for the best results. You slightly dampen the brush, etch on your line, and then watch the color set to a great stay-fast finish.

Apply Eye shadow Cream with a Brush: Eye shadow creams can slip and slide when applied with fingers – as the skin’s warmth can melt and move the color around. Instead, take the extra time to apply the cream with a regular eye shadow brush. You’ll get better control and be better able to press color into place. Use an eyeliner brush to work the cream around the inner corners and below the lash line.

The Best way to apply eyeliner to the lower lid with precision - no more panda eyes: This one’s a tricky one. Kohl pencils work well on the inner rims but they don’t last well. And applying pencil underneath the lower lashes can often end up in tears because eye cream and concealer and the natural oils in the skin can all contribute to a melting-makeup effect. The most precise and practical way I have found to line the lower lid is to apply a dark eye shadow or cake liner with a slightly dampened angle-tip brush – I say slightly because you want it to be wet enough to ensure the color sticks, but not so much that it looks like liquid liner, which can make for too severe a look. When etching on color, make sure to push the brush right up into the roots of hair, so as to avoid seeing any skin between the lashes and the line. If that all sounds too hard, stick to waterproof mascara, which not only defines the lower lid but also stays put and clean all day.

Line below upper lashes: Applying eyeliner above the top lash line can visually stunt lashes already on the short side. Instead, try lining beneath the lashes. First, flick on mascara as usual. Then gently push lid up and dot black eyeliner along the base of the lash line, at the very top of the inner rim. This creates definition and a fuller lash look – not to mention a longer lash look too.

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