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Tips for Beautiful Eyelashes

Posted by HairSavvy on Mon, Oct 6th, 2008

Beautiful eyelashes are always be dreamed about by women, but how to make a pair of beautiful eyelashes?

Every woman knows that curling eyelashes could make the eyes look wider and brighter, which could be very attractive and beautiful. But not so many people know how to curl their eyelashes and which kind of eyelash curlers is better. Generally, metal eyelash curlers are better than plastic curlers. So here are some tips for you to curl your eyelashes, wish these tips could help you to get your beautiful eyelashes.


  1. Make sure your eyelashes are clean. If mascara has been applied on your eyelashes, remove them, makeup remover may be necessary during removing the old mascara.
  2. You can apply eye shadow and eyeliner before you start curling your lashes, but make sure they are dry before curling. Conversely, mascara is always applied after curling, in case of the lash breakage and smearing.
  3. Turn on your blow dryer and the low heat button, blow air on the curler for less than 5 seconds. Then touch the metal to check whether it’s hot or not, if it is hot, let it cool for seconds, we sure you aren’t going to take the risk to burn your eyelid.
  4. Open the curler and put your upper lashes inside its mouth, then slightly close your eye and open it. There is one thing you should pay attention to, make sure all of the lashes moved in to the curler’s mouth and hold the eyelash curler, in order to ensure the mouth is parallel to your lashes.
  5. Clamp lashes near the roots and hold for 10-15 seconds. During the clamping process, eyelashes should fan out evenly across the upper bar, whenever you feel pinching, adjust the curler again. When you finish clamping, do remember to keep your hand and face steady.
  6. Now, you can do the process to the other eye in the same way.

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