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Tips for Manicure

Posted by HairSavvy on Fri, Oct 17th, 2008

Dream about beautiful fingernails and hands? Do not want to run to professional salon for manicure? Do manicure treatment at home!


Manicure is one of the cosmetic treatments for women’s fingernails and hands, and it plays an important role in women beauty. Women of go to professional salon to take the manicure treatment, and they usually get the beautiful fingernails they want. But they could also attain pretty manicured at home with the right tools helping and right tips guiding, but without spending the time and money at a professional salon.

Home manicure can treat the hands and the nails respectively, or both. There are kinds of special manicures such as French Manicure, Spa Manicure, and Salon Manicure, they have the same steps including filing nails, shaping nails, and applying polish, while manicure treatment for hands includes soaking in a softening substance and applying hand lotion.

Manicure can effectively prevent hang-nail formation and nail damage like splits, tears, and fragile tips, increase the blood circulation, and keep hand skin from wrinkling.

To do the manicure treatment, tools listed as follow is needed, like: Nail clipper and nail scissors, bowl, nail file, nail brush, orange stick, cuticle clipper, nail strengthener. Additionally, supplies are also need, like: Nail polish remover, cuticle oil, clear nail polish, hand cream, color nail polish, cotton balls.

Here are some tips for Home Manicure:
1. Take off any remainder nail polish, with polish remover on a cotton ball. Make sure not to use a tissue instead, it cannot absorb the remover well. Acetone polish remover is better for no damage to nails when being applied.
2. Shape nails. Cut and file nails to the length you want, it would be better to keep them short if your nails are weak. As for shape, you can either style: square or rounded. Square style is more modern currently. Use file unless nails are short enough, and do file nails filing in one direction to prevent the damage.
3. Soften cuticles. Get a bowl of warm water, and rest your hands in for 4 or 5 minutes, you can add bath powder or liquid soap to soften nails, and make sure the water is warm but hot, or nails and hands could be dried out. And then, apply lotion or cuticle oil on the hands, but be sure the hands are dry enough, in order to keep the result of softening and nourishing rough spots.
4. Utilize the cuticle stick with a tiny piece of cotton wrapped around it and press cuticles back to keep them away from the polish. Clip hangnails or rugged cuticles if needed. Do not forget to apply cuticle oil and hand cream when massaging them.
5. Remove oil or lotion that left on your nails with nail polish remover again, to make your nail polish stay longer and better.
6. Apply a base coat before applying two light coats of polish, choose your favorite color. Then apply top coat to help make your manicure last longer, you can also choose a clear nail polish instead.

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