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What Should Be Included for A Home Manicure Kit?

Posted by HairSavvy on Wed, Oct 8th, 2008

When thinking about getting a home manicure kit, these are the main items that you need to consider.

Nipper: This is a useful tool for trimming hangnails and should feature a pointed tip to enable a precise trim.

Nail brush: Use a nail brush in the morning and in the evening when cleaning the hands, nails and cuticles. Replace the brush when the bristles lose their density.

Nail scissors: Gentler in the nails, scissors are often preferred to clippers for ultimate precision.

Nail stone: A nail stone is a pumice that is shaped like a pencil. The stone will extract dead skin surrounding the cuticle area and on the surface of the nails.

White pencil: Gently drawing the pencil under damp nails will simulate the look of a French manicure.

Cuticle oil: Vitamin E-enriched oils and sweet almond oil, applied regularly, will condition the cuticle area and maintain it at optimum health.

Cuticle cream: Smoothing a specially blended cream around the cuticle zone will soften the area and prevent hangnails from developing.

Orangewood stick: Use an orangewood stick wrapped in a piece of cotton wool to push back the cuticles. To prevent yellow stains, dip a cotton wool-tipped stick in nail polish remover to extract excess polish. The orangewood stick can be used as an alternative to a nail brush to clean underneath the nails.

Emery boards: A coarsely grained, double-sided emery board works best to shorten or smooth the nails. Use a fine-grained version for the final smoothing.

Nail buffing stick: Used gently in a swift back-and-forth manner, this tool will smooth, shine and buff the nails to give an excellent finish.

Cuticle remover: The cream or gel formula will remove dead skin from the cuticle area, but should be applied sparingly and left on only for the recommended time.

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