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How to Choose A Right Hair Straightener for Your Hair

Posted by flatironexperts on Thu, Nov 12th, 2009

Today almost all women use flat irons to try different hair styles, in addition to straightening their hair.For those looking to own a hair straightener, choices are endless. How do you know which one would be suitable for your hair? The answer is it all depends on your hair.

Hair Types and Plate Sizes

First, it is important to know your hair - what type of hair you have - coarse, thick, curly, short, or fine fragile. Different hair types require different hair straightener to do the straightening or styling job.

  • If you have unmanageable thick curly hair, use a flat iron with 1.5 - 2 inch plates.
  • If your hair is short with normal hair texture, go with a smaller plate like 1.25 inch hair straightener.
  • For straightening fine hair, 1.5 inch flat iron can do the good job.

See the table below for plate size recommendation:

Texture Hair Length Recommended Plate Size
Very coarse, thick, curly  Long (below shoulder) 1.5 to 3 inch
Very coarse, thick, curly Medium 1.5 to 2 inch
Very coarse, thick, curly Short 1.25 inch
Normal Long 1.25 to 2 inch
Normal Medium 1 to 1.5 inch
Normal Short 1 or 1.25 inch
Fine, thin hair Any length 1 to 1.5 inch

Further, if you are highly trendy and would like to try a variety of hairstyles, it would be good if you would go for multifunctional straighteners that help you to experiment different hair styles.

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Hair Types and Temperature Setting

Second, you need to consider temperature settings of a hair straightener. Low temperatures would be ineffective to get the job done, and high temperature could cause heat damage on your hair. If a hair straightener comes with fixed temperature setting (without adjustable temperature), make sure if the temperature is good for your hair type. Now most flat irons have various temperature setting that lets you set a temperature good for your hair, but you still need to check the temperature range when you buy a hair straightener. See image below for a flat iron with right temperature setting.

  • For damaged or thin hair, the temperature should not really exceed 120°C.
  • For normal Hair, the temperatures should be from 160°C - 180°C to straighten it.
  • For thick hair, the temperatures should be higher than 190°C - 210°C.

A temperature control should be added to the usability of your straightener giving you more control and peace of mind. You can increase the temperature up to your required temperature rather than finding out too late that your straightener is too hot for your hair.

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Some Popular Straightener Technologies

When using high temperatures it is important for your hair's condition to use Ceramic plates, preferably with ionic and/or infrared protection. What are the Tourmaline, Ionic, Infrared Technology mean? And what are the benefits?

Ceramic Plates - Ceramic plate has a more even heat distribution across the plate's surface which means that the whole plate with an even temperature, can protects hair from frizz and other heating breakages. It's also smooth and hard to chip off, can make hair shiny, eliminate frazzle.

Titanium Plates - Titanium Plate have the same benefits as ceramic ones, furthermore it has a few more benefits: extreme scratch resistant and light weight.

Far-infrared Heat - Far-infrared heats the hair from the inside out, and effectually reduces surface damage, it usually be used by combining tourmaline and ceramic techniques. The benefits of far-infrared Heat are saving the process time of hair straightening and reducing the risk of damage.

Ionic (Negative Ions) - Negative ions can reduce the time of hair straightening process, eliminate frizz and static by smoothing and closing the cuticle layer, makes your hair soft and silky to the touch, shiny and healthy looking. Negative Ions also work to seal in the natural moisture of your hair which helps to protect your hair and color from heat damage.

Tourmaline - Usually Tourmaline is be infused onto ceramic or titanium plate. It is a semi precious gem, can produces the natural source of negative ions and far-infrared rays. So a hair straightener which uses tourmaline can makes a longer lasting, shinier and smoother result. Of course, it also prevent damage on hair and keeps it in healthy condition.

Ceramic Plate Tourmaline Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic

From personal experience, CHI, Sedu and Solia can be trusted. Do not get a non ceramic, cheap hair straightener, it would eventually dry out your hair like you won't believe. All heat styling causes some degree of damage. But non ceramic, cheap hair straighteners cause the most damage. Some hair straighteners are only ceramic coated, and eventually begins to chip off. It has a tendency to short out quickly. Usually within 8-9 months, 1 OR 2 years if you are lucky.

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