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Warranty Policies for CHI Products Purchased Online

Posted by HairSavvy on Mon, May 25th, 2009

It has always been a topic and concern for people who intend to buy or have bought the CHI styling irons that how it is actually for the warranty policy, and whether the purchases are warranted for the repair / replacement or not.

Warranty Policies for CHI Products Purchased Online

Apparently, what Farouk Systems, Inc. offers is a Limited-warranty Policy which covers only those appliances purchased from professional salons or other authorized distributors. So, if you make your purchase from distributors other than that, you should pay attention to the warranty condition offered by the dealer. Let's see what we found from some major online stores.

drugstore.com: No warranty at all.

Overstock.com: 1 Year limited parts distributor warranty; or pay extra $12.99 for the 2 year replacement plan.

Amazon.com:  30-day Return Policy only.

...and Amazon has a 30 day policy so if it breaks down in 6mths you're out of luck. the downside to buying in a salon though is that you'll pay full price- $180 or so. so your options are, buy it on Amazon for $70 and if it breaks, buy another for $70 or pay $180 upfront and hope that if it's ever going to break, it'll break in the first year. ----Comment by BekBek on Amazon


Offers all purchases with 30-Day Return Policy. In addition, there is also a replacement warranty second to none.  You will only need to deal with distributor instead of the manufacturer who won't cover any purchase other than professional salons and authorized distributors.
Before you make your order, you'd better:

  1. Check the warranty policy offered by the online dealer
  2. Read reviews written by those who have similar experiences
  3. If still have questions, call the customer service for details
  4. Never place an order before you make sure of the warranty policy

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