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Why Did I Chose Sedu Instead of CHI Flat Iron?

Posted by Kylie on Fri, Jun 19th, 2009

When I try to make a decision to choose my next flat iron from CHI and Sedu, I was very confused from all the information that I could get online. Both are very top brand, and with a huge group of fans. So, I get down to collate and analyze the reviews, especially the negative ones I believe that is the best way to help me make the right purchase.

By reading the reviews from the major online stores like amazon and folica, and discussions on many forums, I found that 

  1. The best flat irons are all expensive ones. Cost from $70 to $200, well, with a discount, you can get it around $100 or less. (I can tell why so many people get so disappointed about it when such an expansive electronic item went down on them)
  2. There were people even pointing out that the CHI from years ago last much longer than the new ones. It might be the reason that the item is no longer manufactured in Korea. 
  3. I paid attention to those users who had experiences on using both brands. Most of them tend to choose Sedu as the best flat iron. I quoted some here:

 Sedu vs. Chi
Reviewer: Jennifer from Houston, TX  Tue Jun 17 2008

Ok. So, before I bought this Sedu, I had been a CHI user for at LEAST 6 years. I thought the CHI was the BEST straightener there was. I am Asian, but I don't have that smooth, straight hair most Asian girls do. I have wavy (not the pretty ones either), kinky, coarse hair. It's also dry and prone to getting split ends. So, here's the low down. =P

I LOVE THE SEDU!!! 100000 times more than my CHI, and I didn't think I'd ever stop loving the CHI.

Pros and Cons of both are:

CHI 1"
Pros: heats up super fast and super hot, STAYS hot, swivel cord, good size, easy to use, shiny and straight hair
Cons: makes me and my hair EXTREMELY hot/almost sweaty, fries my hair, gives me BAD split ends.

Pros: heats up super fast and super hot, STAYS hot, good size, easy to use, no split ends, keeps my hair shiny and healthy
Cons: no swivel cord (I have to unwhirl it a bit if I'm using it to curl my hair like I did with my CHI), takes a little bit longer to do my hair now (15 min. tops)

So, there it is. Both are REALLY good at keeping your hair straight, but I have to say, I never thought my hair would be without split ends and feel so pretty!! It used to be all crunchy feeling like it was SUPER DRY. I'd use the best shampoo and conditioners and nothing. But with the Sedu, it just FEELS and LOOKS healthier.

It looks the same in pictures, so I won't put any up.


 Blows the Chi away
Reviewer: Daniella from NY  Thu May 15 2008

I had a less than 2 year old classic Chi and the cord recently broke so it either wouldn't heat up or would constantly shut off. It was decent but not amazing. Anyhow I just ordered this iron to replace it because it seemed really nice and had amazing reviews. It lives up to it's amazing reviews..ironed my hair way faster than the Chi...I can do it in about fifteen minutes-20 minutes to make it perfect, with Chi it took close to a half hour. And it stays way straighter the next day than my hair did with the Chi. Plus it makes my hair so silky soft. I just bought it but I love it. Plus, I ordered it on Sunday morning and it arrived to my house by Tuesday afternoon with the free shipping-amazing service. I definitely recommend it.


 Better than Chi!
Reviewer: Mindy from Greeley, CO  Fri Feb 15 2008

I have been a big fan of the Chi iron for quite some time now. After a while I stopped using it and decided to sell it to a friend of mine. Shortly after I did so, I regretted not having a straightening iron anymore so I came online to research new ones and see if one had outdone the Chi. I found it! Ladies, the Sedu iron really is amazing and I only have to run in over my hair once and it's perfectly flat! I used it on my sister's natural spiral curly hair and wow, I am MORE than impressed. Very well worth the money, get it!

These are all very convincing comments. From all the reviews that I have read, I concluded with this cons and pros list below:

Brand Sedu Flat Iron CHI Original Flat Iron
Weight Lightweight Heavier
Result Straightens better Straightens well
Tourmaline Yes No
Catch or Break Hair No Easily
Temperature Control Have (good) Fixed temperature
Cord No swivel cord Swivel cord
Hair Health Condition Silky and healthy Silky but with split ends
Price Slightly higher Cheaper
Warranty 2 years 1 year limited (Depends on the channels)

Now, you know what my decision is? Yes, definitely go for a Sedu 1.5 inch flat iron.

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Posted by Charlie on Sun, Jun 17th, 2012
Is sedu flat iron really that good? I think it looks quite bulky.

Posted by viviana sanchez from United States on Sat, Jun 18th, 2011
I prefer my Karmin G3 salon Pro, it's better than the others :P

Posted by Regina on Wed, Dec 15th, 2010
also hesitated between chi and sedu for a long time. then i read this article and finally went for sedu as advised. so far it works great.

Posted by jim from seattle on Sat, Dec 11th, 2010
After you try the Izunami flat iron
you will throw all others in the trash

Posted by Jessica from DC on Sat, Jan 23rd, 2010
The Sedu Revolution has a swivel cord, I just purchased it today. I haven't used it yet, but I'm really excited about it

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